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OS Sunday – A Mobile Renaissance Pt 1

In many ways I feel that the Mobile OS World has started to stagnate a bit.  You have Android which is good but each new version seems to be just a rehash of the old, iOS which lets face it, is starting to fade into irrelevancy because Apple continues to live in the world that “it is our handset or nothing” mindset, Blackberry well…we will morn for you and the Windows Phone OS…which really has potential but came to the party too late.  But now there is a resurgence in building of a “new and better mobile”.  With the likes of Tizen, Sailfish, Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch the Mobile Market has become an interesting place…that is for sure. In Part 1 of this Mobile Renaissance I figured I would take a closer look at the Sailfish OS that is starting to gain some traction and interest…and has a pretty solid SDK available.  Unlike the world of Desktop OS reviews, I am having to download the SDK for each of the up and coming Mobile OS and some functionality will … Read more

Infographic – Trusting the Tech Review

One thing that I have been tossing about for a while is building a section of Krispy’s Bytes that looks directly at the world of Software (and maybe a little bit of hardware) and doing more than just my weekly OS Sunday and Free App Friday reviews…and then I found this interesting Infographic…and while I am still considering it…I am not sure if I would fall under the Expert, or the Consumer side of the review.  I am torn…but stay tuned because Krispy’s Bytes will be expanding…I am just not sure into what. Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics Cheers, Krispy

The Last 21 Days

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for the ongoing patching of the venerable Windows XP and it is now crunch time for the nearly 30% of all desktops out there that still run the venerable 13 year old Operating System that in all honesty served so many for so long.  But what will happen on April 9th?  I have heard some doomsday forecasts that this far worse than the perceived threat that never happened with Y2K, but for the most part…it will continue to be business as usual for users of WindowsXP…sort of. I did a quick perusal of the June 2013 Microsoft Security Intelligence Report and surprised that Windows XP still had the highest infection rate among the 4 Client Side OS versions from Microsoft…nearly double that of Windows Vista. So the older code and porous operating system that is Windows XP is more prone to infection by the world’s Virus makers…that is really not a surprise and has been a fact for some time…but the real question that should be asked is…what is the real alternative … Read more

OS Sunday – GoGo Gadget Arms

The title of this weeks look into the world of Operating Systems really has nothing to do with the Linux Distribution that I decided upon but as a child of the 70’s, Inspector Gadget was a morning staple of mine and when I look at how GoboLinux, the recipient of my time this week has changed how Linux is sorted and filed…maybe it is fitting after all. The interesting thing that got me thinking about leveraging an Alpha version of a Linux Distribution for review is that GoboLinux applies a new File System to how applications are sorted and each App, gets its own folder…so it should be interesting to see what happens when I not only install the base system but head out to find the rest of the applications that makes a complete OS for me…and then add a few extras and become annoyed with them and then remove them only to add more…you know like how many of us operate our computing lives in 2014 (ok maybe it is just me and it is even worse when … Read more

Digital Activism – Are we Really Paying Attention?

I sat here this morning what I would do for a post and was thumbing through some Facebook Posts and I came across an interesting load of crap that had been thrown in the general direction of Mike Rowe…you may know him from his Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs.  It would appear that because Mike took a job narrating a commercial that was sponsored by WalMart he has become the target of a campaign designed to villify him in the “Court of Public Opinion” by an organization called Jobs With Justice. I took the time to read through the response that Mike posted on his Facebook Page and can honestly say that it made me more than just a little sick to my stomach to think that Jobs With Justice could be so blind to the fact that there is little if nothing that Mike Rowe did that was wrong when he took a paid gig as a narrator for the Wal-Mart Sponsored Commercial (that by the way does not point to WalMart at all): When I watch this 60 … Read more

Free App Friday – Pushing the Envelope…Digitally

Every once in a while an application comes along that crosses over and connects all the devices that have become essential to our lives.  Earlier this week I stumbled across what I think is one of those apps.  In my day to day life I find myself switching from Desktop to Chromebook to Phone to Tablet depending on what it is that I am doing at that moment.  I actively have up to 5 screens in play at any given moment…but information on each of those devices is unique to that device and try as I may…I don’t store everything in a central “Cloud” mainly because of a problem with the Chromebook being able to access them effectively…so when PushBullet came to the front for me…well lets just say I fell in love. Looking at the top down of PushBullet it is simply a file transfer app that works as an extension with Chrome but is an Android App as well…but it can be so much more as well.  You can not only connect your own devices to each other, … Read more

Pride and Power – My Daughter is my Hero

I am a Father and there is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing my daughter grow into a powerful and independent young woman. At 14 years old, she is so very much in tune with what it is to be someone who stands up for what she believes in and is not afraid to do things that most others would not be able to do. When my daughter first came home with the idea that she would like to participate in the Make A Wish Foundation’s Go Blue Go Bald Campaign I was not only supportive of the idea I reminded her that while going Blue is one thing…going bald would be a bold statement and would show the world the power that one small act can have to make a change for someone else. The CCH Crusaders raised $690 in just a couple of weeks by leveraging Instagram and Facebook and spreading the word around their school but then it came time for the get together tonight at the Westmount Mall here in London with 102.3 Bob FM and the volunteers from South Western … Read more

When Does Technology Get a Little Creepy?

I have tattoos…and if Motorola/Google/Lenovo follows through with a recent patent application…our Technology will become embedded into our skin.  Yes that is right, according to US Patent Application 20130294617 the world will see us connecting to our devices using BlueTooth/NFC/Zigbee directly…no more douchebag earbud for us! For the most part, I am ok with companies and the government knowing what I am surfing, emailing and even to a degree knowing where I am but this…this is going just a bit too far and bringing us closer to a world of Cyborgs and Techno Wizardry like seen in the 90’s Role Playing Games Cyberpunk and Shadow Run.  I don’t know if I am comfortable with tech being used in this way…but in all likelihood, I would get one because of the convenience of being able to remotely connect with what ever the future holds for us (hopefully not quite like Oscar winner movie Her…that too is pretty darn creepy). Cheers, Krispy  

OS Sunday – What Do You Get When You Combine a Tangerine with an Igloo?

Greetings, and this week we look at an interesting Distro that is based on Debian and yes I chose KDE Plasma over Gnome which was surprised me too.  For those have been following OS Sunday since its days over at, I am not a real big fan of KDE in general but every once in a while I still dip my toe back into the water to see if it can win me over…I guess I am a glutton for punishment…or am I? The Tanglu 1.0 (Aequorea Victoria) was released on February 21, 2014 so it is freshly pressed and should be interesting.  Before diving into the install I looked through the documentation and FAQs listed on the Tanglu site and was adequately impressed to click on the download button for the 1GB ISO that I would be installing.  As always I set things up in an Oracle VirtualBox Environment with 20GB of HDD and 4GB of RAM…to give everything a fair and equal chance between all the distros. The installation went smoothly with one slight hitch, for some reason … Read more

Infographic – BYOD aka Bring Your Own Droid

In my time of working with IT Leaders around the world there was a “lesser of two evils” that existed when it came to their BYOD Plans and more often then not, it defaulted to the Apple iPhone for ease of maintenance and support for their existing teams. Well that is quickly coming to an end as this week’s Infographic shows: by JanBorunda. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually. Cheers, Krispy

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