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When Risk Outweighs Reward – A Cloud Model

In all my time as a Sales Professional, I have been honest with my customers about the features and benefits of the products and services that I sell.  I try to hide nothing and I put all my cards on the table, it has what has made me successful in sales…but when I take a step back and look at the things around me.  The products and the services that are peddled every day…to the companies and the things that they do in the pursuit of the all mighty dollar…I take a step back and wonder…is the Risk worth the Reward? This is the first part of a series of looks at Risk vs Reward for different Technologies. One of the first things that every company and business leader needs to do is understand what their Risk Tolerance Level is.  We do it when making financial investments.  We sit down with our Advisers and make a solid short term, mid term and long term plan and then revisit it either annually or semi-annually and this is a good thing…but I … Read more

The Power of Social – Story Telling

Social Media is one of the most powerful and awe inspiring creations of this or any generation. Never has there been a single class of Technologies that can bring so many people together so quickly and so completely. One of my favourite parts about Social Media is the ability of it to build a Story that really tells you about a Brand or about a Person. The reality is, this is not something that is done too often with any real effect and Social Media has become more about the “broadcast” rather than the sharing of a good story. For me…that is about to change. Humanity loves stories. From the beginning of time, the ability to communicate through the telling of a story has enthralled the masses. Look to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, these classic stories of love, lust and the quest for self-enlightenment are shining examples of the Graeco-Roman capacity to convey “history” through a story. I love a good story and at every opportunity try to work in one to explain a point or underline the importance of … Read more

Infographic – Canada and the Energy Future

here are many things that I can hold myself as being truly accountable for, one is that I am more of a realist than a dreamer, and two that I am Canadian. To be Canadian though, is to struggle with being stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the vast Natural Resources that we have at our disposal…but are limited in our ability to reap the benefits from. I stumbled across an interesting Infographic produced by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce:   Cheers, Krispy

Free App Friday – An eBook Reader for All

For anyone who knows me, I am a voracious reader.  I have more than 500 printed books and just over 2 TB of eBooks scattered across multiple devices.  One of the challenge that I have faced since moving away from my iPad has been to find an equivalent ePUB reader and while I have tried many…none fit the bill until just last week when I stumbled across the Universal Book Reader in the Android Play Store. One of the first features that I really liked was the fact that it displays nicely on both my 4.5″ Nexus 4 and my 7″ Acer Iconia B1 and this is a good thing because I tend to switch from device to device on a fairly regular basis.  The Universal Book Reader works with both ePUB and PDF which takes care of all of my eBooks that I have and again this is a great selling feature for this robust FREE App. The “Library” that is the home screen reminds me of my days with the iPad and its integrated iBooks, and I can … Read more

Memory Lane – My First Cell Phone

I have been carrying a Cell Phone on a daily basis since the fall of 1995. I remember the day that I got my phone quite well as I went to the International Plowing Match with my Father (an annual event for us growing up) when it was first in Roseville, ON. It was my Graduation Present from my dad at a time when I really needed personal communications as I was working as a Security Guard in Toronto and more than once had run into situations that a Cell Phone was a matter of life and death. At the time, there was no Smart Phones and the selection was not only limited…it was still fairly rare to see a phone that was not tethered to a vehicle. The Nokia 636 was and is a solid phone. It did not need a Sim Card as it was on the pre-PCS network provided by Bell Mobility. I went looking through the web for specs and well to compare this venerable phone to what is available today is just not possible as … Read more

Corporate Learning Recipe

Corporate Learning Recipe

The challenge for me being a Sales Guy in the world of Corporate Learning is to really get a grasp on what this term Corporate Learning is.  I look to the Wikipedia definition and explanation and they classify it pretty broadly as “Corporate Education”: Corporate Education refers to a system of professional development activities provided to educate employees. So that broad definition needs a more granular explanation for me to understand it and then translate it to what my employer does for our customers.  That is not an easy task because Corporate Learning is far more just a mixture of ingredients and then set on the stove to simmer. I have been through a lot of company sponsored training and I have purchased books, manuals and elearning from a broad spectrum of sources.  Adult learning in 2014, at least the way that we do it is vastly different than anything else that I have participated in.  This is what actually really got me pumped to work with this company in the first place and the way that technology is enabling the tracking and measuring … Read more

And Now For Something Different – Tech Pet Peeves

I truly love all things that plug-in and go “whiz-bang”.  Computers, Cameras, Phones…they all intrigue me and make me so glad that I am a part of this time in the history of man kind…but at the same time.  Technology does cause my hair line to recede faster than having a Teenage Daughter!   Not all of the things that technology has to offer is about things going wrong though, some are just observations about how Technology is being used by people who should not have access to it…so here goes, my 2014 list of Tech Pet Peeves: Using an iPad to Take Pictures: When I was in Las Vegas in January I noticed that the idea of using an iPad (not an iPad mini or another 7″ Tablet but a full on 10″ iPad to take pictures.  The number one question is why are you carrying this around with you when you are out and about…I truly believe that mobile computing through the use of Tablets is a great thing, heck I have 4 tablets and an eReader myself…but … Read more

The Great Time Suck

I am sure that I am not alone when I say, my Smart Phone has become a drain on my “free time”.  It has superceded Facebook as my greatest distraction by a large sum and currently the addiction that is Flappy Bird is the culprit.   I took to Blogging as a way to get away from games on Facebook in the morning that was more constructive, but I just found myself loosing a full hour of my morning today because I wanted to drive my average score up on this annoying, frustrating but wildly interesting game. So what is it about this simple tap, tap game that has caused the world to download it in droves and earn its developers more than $50,000 per day (according to CNet)? I don’t know…no really I have no idea what the appeal is.  It is not like there are levels to beat or bosses to destroy.  There are no power ups and it doesn’t get harder as you play on.  It just plods away at a predictable and steady speed and causes … Read more

Infographic – Top 10 Overused LinkedIn "Buzzwords"

Buzz Words are everywhere, there is no getting past them but when it comes to your Professional Profile that everyone in the world (from potential employers to customers to friends and colleagues), is it a good idea to leverage them in your LinkedIn Profile? Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2013 from LinkedIn For the 4th year, LinkedIn did a top down look at their members Profiles and determined that there were 10, over used Buzz Words. I quickly jumped onto my profile and found that I used only one of them “Responsible” which had me utter an audible sigh of relief. But what is the big deal about using Buzz Words? Are they not the same as Key Words and help you build connections? I would say yes to a certain degree, but in this case…there are far better words that evoke an emotional response and describe far better than simply throwing out the same words that millions of others have used. So with a New Year almost upon us…are you going to take a quick look at … Read more

Infographic – Training and Development Gains

Moving to a new job, can be a stressful time. Getting one’s bearings, finding one’s way and most of all navigating through all the plethora of materials. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   This is not the first job that I have started and wondered…where do I go from here. The advantage this time, is that question is there by design this time. I ask you…how many times has it happened to you, or even worse…you are at a job for 5, 10, 15 years and you are still wondering that same thing! The power and the beauty of the world of eLearning and effective Training and Development ensures that you and your employer can actually be on the same page. Stronger understanding of what you are doing, where you are going and what will be the next big thing. But, can eLearning replace the “classroom” setting? In many cases yes…self directed training means that you move at your pace…and if done right…no death by PowerPoint! There is a better … Read more

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