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Chromebooks, Skype and the Apple AppStore

It was interesting to read that “Googlers” have moved away from Windows (80% use either Android or Chrome OS) according to Sergey Brin the Google Co-founder.  During the Google IO yesterday.  Now Google has always gone against the grain when it comes to how they operate and do things but what I really want to know is what makes up the other 20%?

I have used an early version of the ChromeOS and while I like the nimbleness I think the real will will come from the reported 8 second boot time…yes 8 SECONDS to a connection to the internet.  What in life takes just 8 seconds now?  That is the time that a Bull Rider has to stay on a 2000lbs bucking beast in order to have a shot at a belt buckle.  It is the time it takes for Light to travel the 93,000,000 Miles from our Sun to the Earth.

Now at $429 for the WiFi only version and $499 for the 3G version this would make a road warrior very productive and with a 12.1 inch display a tad bit more usable than the original Netbooks.  Will my next Tech Purchase be a Chromebook???  Honey what do you think?
Now there are concerns that many have about the purchase of Skype by the venerable giant Microsoft and I to am concerned about what will be left of my favorite “International Connector” at the end of the day.  We used Skype to contact my daughter here in Canada when I was fortunate enough to go to Costa Rica two years ago with the Presidents Club winners, will that change…not likely but will the call be FREE that is the question.
While Skype is not a Open Source Project it has been wildly successful as a piece of software that would run on nearly anything with solid versions for Linux, Mac and Windows.  It is installable on tablets, phones and now even TVs!
I hope that the investment of $8.5 Billion will take Skype to the next level and we can expect to see it continue to work on any device and maybe just maybe be able to get a Canadian Phone number on it!
With my new toy the one and only gripe I have really is the Apple AppStore.  Now maybe I got spoiled with the Android Marketplace and the simple go to Google and type in “whatzamahoozit .apk download” and I could find the installer for well anything I wanted but I am confused with how to find anything that I want quickly on my Android devices.
I was up really late last night mucking about the store and locating some pretty amazing apps.  There is no doubt that selection is amazing but I would like to be able to quickly find what I want and go.
I spent much of yesterday fielding question from all levels (from my Sales Peers to a couple of our Vice Presidents) about how the “conversion to being an Apple Lover” is going.  I fairly consistently stated that there has never been an outright hate for Apple I just don’t like the locked down us or nothing mentality that any Proprietary Software Company brings to the table.
Cheers and have a Great Day!

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