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Cloud Desktops are taking flight

Desktop-as-a-Service or Hosted Virtual Desktop is the latest craze for IT Execs to wrap their heads around and for good reason as it solves multiple challenges in an increasingly mobile world that we live in.  By leveraging this as part of a BYOD Strategy the move to the Cloud for Desktops starts to make sense as everything from iPads to Macbooks and Android Phones can be supported and leveraged with a secure connection.

I have been hearing rumblings about this service from clients for a while now and most notably Verizon began offering the service in 2008 after striking a deal with Desktone but the service has matured greatly since that point.  IBM, Onlive, TimeWarner Cable and many others are offering the service.

To test out the capabilities I figured I would test out the Onlive FREE service only to be stymied by some rule that Canadians get the slim pickings left over after everything else is over and done with when it comes to downloading items from the Apple Store so I chose to head off and look for a browser based “Webtop OS” and low and behold I found one that is equally at home on the iPad as it is on my desktop:

I played around with this free service and could not really find any short comings beyond it is a WebTop and relies on an Internet Connection (there goes having desktop capabilities at work) but I thought it was really quite interesting.  The Desktop has a “Mac Like” look to it and provides the opportunity to add services to it.  For something that is Free I would definitely give the service 2 thumbs up, as a proof of concept to going to a more robust full push of a complete OS…go for it.  To become a daily desktop replacement…not likely.

If you would like to give it a whirl…head off to and register for your FREE license.

Well today is a day that every parent dreads.  My 12 year old daughter is heading off on her first overnight trip with strangers…ok it is really hard to say that the London Police Service are strangers but as a Safety Patroler, she was selected to represent her school on a field trip to Toronto and my little girl is packed, excited and ready to take the big city by storm…with 50 other London Kids and their Police chaperones.

Cheers and have a great day

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