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Data Visualization – Seeing the Bits for the Bytes they Provide

One of my favorite pass times is to surf the grand expanse of the Interwebz for new and exciting things in the world of technology and one of my favorite sites to start that search is over at where they showcase the amazing world of Start Up companies from around the globe.  Today, in my quest for something “new” and “exciting” I narrowed my search to Canadian Companies and stumbled across a very interesting new service that applies the ability to physically see the connections and apply some insights into the Bits and Bytes that we all generate every day.

Regardless of being a Business, a Brand or an Individual one of the most difficult things to do with all the many Social Media channels that we operate in is to have a real understanding of what the measure and influence is of the things that we do.  Social Media is the great and grand equalizer and regardless of if you are a small Local Business, Global Brand or a dude like me just looking to make a buck…understanding and acting upon real “intelligence” is a challenge.

SpatialTree is a service that can connect the dots between many different sources of data and draw real time visualizations with dashboards and the ability to manage that data in a constructive way.

SpacialTree 1

While I am just really getting back into my “social connectivity” I did some quick looks at what my Twitter Account is doing and by diving into my recent history:

SpacialTree 2

SpacialTree 3

SpacialTree 4


Right now only Twitter is active but in looking at their site, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all under development.

There are some really interesting articles found on their site that empower companies and individuals to gain some real insights into how Social Media interactions are working and how strong the connections with Followers, Champions and Negative Nancy’s may be.  A really interesting post on Social Media interaction for Gaming Companies is very revealing but even more interesting is when they did some analysis of 3 local restaurants in Edmonton, Alberta...having people actively want to interact with your brand is vital in the ultra competitive world of food services…think about the last 3 times you ordered Pizza…did you try the company that sent you a flyer in the mail…I know I did…but if it did not live up to expectations I would just move on…but recently I have decided that I would impart my 2 cents worth on Yelp and from looking at this, to Twitter as well.

Building a Social Brand may be Free of Cost…but it does take time, effort and understanding.  Blindly throwing out Tweets, Posts and Shares is one thing, but measuring the success and influence…that worth the effort every step of the way!



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