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Disruptive Technology is like…

Ok so we have to keep this on the down low, I don’t want Tyler Durden to find out that I am doing this.  I stumbled across a great article over at Information Week that describes Disruptive Technology like being a participant in Fight Club but as intrigued as I was with Peter Waterhouse’s look at Disruptive Technology…I thought that I would take it one step further…yep time for a new feature.  Saturday Krispification!

There are many truths about working in IT or around Technology for that matter.  I for one have been engaging in “Shadow IT” for years because I not only understand the Tech but can separate business needs from personal needs quite well because the reality is…for the most part for me they are the same thing.  In the Information Week Article, Peter describes 5 Rules of the DT Fight Club…and while I liked what he had to say…the point of a “Krispification” is to put my spin on what an industry writer has put out there for the world to read.

Rule #1: You do not talk about disruptive technologies.

One thing that I have learned over time as a Technical Sales Guy is know your audience.  If you are talking to a bunch of gear heads, coders and Geeks…well then it is no problem.  The problem is, this is not usually who is going to fund the project for you so it is time to take a quick Sales 101 concept and put it out there for all who deal in the world of making Business Better through Technology – DON’T MENTION DISRUPTIVE TECH!  Put spin on it and look to the Features and Benefits…that is really what Business wants to hear from you!

Rule #2: You DO NOT talk about disruptive technologies.

Ok so you missed out on Rule #1…I get it, most people do…that is why it is REPEATED!   So you want to Geek out all over the place and focus on the the world of TLA’s well I will tell you this…there are few that actually keep up with the revolving door that is the hype around Three Letter (and even Four Letter) Acronyms so DON’T DO IT!  Focus on concepts like “reshaping business process” and “streamlining the customer reach”…don’t get all JSON this and OAUTH that…no body cares…and if nobody cares…well don’t expect to get your project off the ground!

Rule #3: No-holds-barred “shadow IT” is allowed.

I cringe at the thought of “shadow IT” but the reality is…if you have ever had an Internet Connection, you have probably participated in some form of Shadow IT.  Social Networking, Email Collaboration, Skype and then we have the nebulous world of “Cloud Computing”.  It is really hard to dispute the fact that the Cloud has enabled and empowered the rapid growth of Shadow IT…so I say…embrace it, encourage it and monitor it.  The reality is…YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING and why miss out on real opportunities just because you didn’t come up with the idea?

Rule #4: There can be more than one fight at a time.

Yep it is true…the world of business is changing at the speed of neurons and the transfer of bits and bytes.  This means that while a young go getter in Marketing is coming up with a new Idea for moving the connection to the customer forward…the 50 year old Sales Manager is also popping out of his cubicle to figure out there is a better way of doing business.  Ideas can come from anywhere…at any time and Innovation does not wait for approval…it will either grow and evolve…or it will whither and die.  Very Darwinian eh?

Rule #5: If the business says “stop,” the fight is over.

Ok so this is a little different than the 8 Rules of Fight Club but it is important to note that if the Business says “stop”…it is a good idea to do so.  The unemployment lines are littered with the victims of “my way is better”.

So go forth with your new found understanding and stay tuned.  Oh yeah and if you have an idea for a Krispification…visit the new page and drop me a line.  EVERY SATURDAY is a new one!



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