Chris J Powell

Does Persistence Pay?

It is a fine line that Sales Guys like me walk between the persistent probing with a client or prospect and the stalker mentality that annoys and alienates customers.

For myself I take a laid back approach.  I have every confidence in the product that I sell and its ability to truly impact the lives and careers of my customers.  Some time ago I was asked by a client that I had gently prodded and fed information to for nearly a year “How could you be so patient?  My other vendors got angry with me when I asked them to wait!”  That is exactly it, I asked back…did you buy from those vendors?  The client stated…”No and I never will!”

I call myself a Sales Guy but I would rather be classified as a Buying Facilitator.  The best deals and most frequent users of the services that I sell are not those that I get on the line, pitch, close and sell.  They are the ones that make an educated decision about the Return On Investment that they will make with me and my company!

Now is there value in the Run and Gun Sales Techniques…sure.  Could I have closed deals earlier by applying a little more pressure…absolutely.  Would I have increased the resentment and risked a long term relationship…likely.  Would I feel just a little dirty in putting on the Closer Hat and forcing the purchase…most definitely.  That is the rub…staying true to yourself and not changing who you are but building a better you!

Beware my IT Friends of a promise that seems too good to be true.  The days of Act Now and Limited Time Offer are not words that live in my vocabulary.  If someone is offering you something that is too good to be true it probably is…but if you talk to me…I will not take you down the garden path, pull the wool over your eyes or play any shell games with you.  Straight Goods, Straight Facts that is it!

In the world of sales it is all about the numbers.  The Close Rate, the Contact to Pitch Rate, the Renewal Rate and the list goes on and on.  I look at those numbers and see the Glorious Success that comes from filling the top of the Sales Funnel with my first presentations!

Because as a Sales Professional I am much like the 2011 Mark Zuckerberg and will only Eat what I Hunt…I get to decide who I focus my efforts and really focus on Relationship building for long term success.

To my Sales Guy Brothers and Sisters out there…use today to full the top of your funnel…book appointments like there is no tomorrow…and then focus on getting to know your prospects and clients.  Meet their needs not the Sales Deadlines put forward by your leadership.  If you do this over and over again and show the commitment to Service and to the Process that got you to where you are…life will be easy and the paychecks…much much better.

Cheers and have a great week!

Chris J Powell

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