Chris J Powell

Down But Not Out

Krispy has been in and out of a healthy state now for 1 full month…it has not been a pretty month to say the least.  In the past 30 days I think I have spent more time in the bathroom than in any other part of my home, but it does appear that the worst is over…for now.  I wish that everything was all glittery and full of Unicorns and Rainbows but the reality is, as my body goes through the changes of losing a lot of weight…I realize now that there are certain things that can not be ignored…like the warning signs that staying up all night studying and researching…is not healthy (especially when you don’t take food and water breaks)…so I fixed it all:


Yes that is right…Canned Unicorn Meat will cure what ails you!  A quick sandwich with the glittery goodness of the mythological bit of SPAM and I am on the mend.  The magical powers of Unicorn meat are not well documented but I for one can attest that there are amazing healing powers contained in this little can of processed meat.

I feel stronger and almost think that I can fly.  There is the strange aftertaste and the bump on my head that is forming, but other than that I feel amazing and ready to take on the world!

Ok not really.

I have been ill for the better part of the last month.  Ranging from dizziness to sore joints to a gastroenterological explosion that did have me sidelined from all activities beyond wondering to the bathroom.  It took time, lots and lots of water and rest…another day spent in bed.

I really need to start focusing on just resting more, and eating just a little better…soups are good an all but I think I am in need of a makeover of epic proportions for my kitchen cupboards!

Well, as you can see, I do still live and reside here…and have been working on some cool new features…but for now…I am on the mend!




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