Chris J Powell

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”

Once again I look to Albert Einstein for some inspiration for today’s post.  I am a firm believer in making the personal investment in myself to ensure my own success.  I have had to find my own focus, target my own goals and fulfill my own needs because it would be unfair to myself to wait for others to do what I need for me.  You may have noticed that there is a theme developing around my daily posts but I digress.

This can be as simple as buying a book or as complex as going back to school but it is important that your own Intellectual Growth never ever stops.

It has been said that in Sales 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the Salespeople in an organization and being the “numbers hound” that I am when I look at the great group of people that I work with this is the case.  If you are new to sales or are in a rut and want to get out I strongly suggest that you approach someone who is racing ahead of the pack and appears to be doing all the right things.

Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy leads off every training session with his life story and this includes his transition to a Sales Career that he did not try and reinvent the wheel but he approached the most successful people in the organization and emulated them until he started to see similar success.  This is not easy for anyone to do as it means admitting that you do not have all the answers but the fact is no one has a magic spell that can mysteriously make you good at all you want to do.

I would consider myself to be one of those top 20% but I am far from the best or the brightest and my learning will never cease.  I do not wait for my Manager, Director or Training Department to identify what I need and spoon feed my success to me, I look to where I need to tweak and tune and then find what I need to turn the bar.  2 1/2 years ago I started a Sales Career with less then any concreted Sales Experience but have plugged into what I need to do to balance both the Sales Side of my Life with the Technology Side of my Life.

Now whether you are in Sales, Finance, IT, Management, Manufacturing, Health and Human Services or a common “Ditch Digger” your fate does not wait for you…YOU must write your own next chapter.

Now we could get into the whole, “Today is the first day of your New Life” crap but that is really not what any of us need to hear at any point.  The biggest little “nugget” that I can provide is “Today is only 24 Hours long…so Don’t Be Late”.  Take the bull by its horns, do a quick Google Search on Personal Development…I will even go one better and do it for you….Click here.

If you are able to read this blog then that means that you have access to the Interwebs…that is a great place to start to fine tune your own skill set and find what you need…most of it being free.  Don’t start with just one aspect, pick two focus points at a time and tackle them.  Not everything you will find will work but look at life as not the destination but the journey…it will all be worth it in the end!

This blog is kind of my way of paying it forward for those who have gone before me.


Chris J Powell

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