Chris J Powell

Eating, Sleeping, Breathing IT

Technology is an interesting topic to work within, it is more like a living organism than wires, circuit boards and silicon and keeping up with all the different moving parts is a challenge at the best of times.  I really feel that eating, breathing and sleeping in the world of Information Technology has made me a better “Sales Guy” but it has also added to the amount of pressure that both I place on myself and the pressure that is exerted externally on me.  I think that I have a real understanding of what it feels like to be a piece of coal in the middle stages of transforming into a diamond.

I honestly think that I would be doing something very similar to this if I was in Technical Sales  or not though.  It is rare to find a calling that allows you to help others the way that I am able to in my current role.  I joke with people all the time that I am not really a Sales Person…I am a Buying Facilitator but at the end of the day…my job is to sell and that stark reality sometimes has a tendency to add to the pressure (the split personality of a Technical Sales Professional) but for several years I thrived on that pressure, growing stronger and better because of the double set of expectations that I face every day.

The Eating, Breathing and Sleeping in the realm of Information Technology has made me a resource that my colleagues, clients and contacts rely on but just as all to often happens…too much pressure in the wrong spot and there tends to be a fracture.  My focus is unwavering, the challenge that I now face is finding the right fit for what I am, and what I will become.  Does that mean a change?  Does that mean moving on?  Does that mean “dumbing” things down?  I really don’t know.

Working in the IT Research and Advisory field has been an interesting ride.  In prepping for today’s post I stumbled across a very interesting site that really lays the entire industry out to bear.  What I saw was an opportunity to gain a real understanding of what the company I work for and that of my competitors are struggling with.  I was less than impressed with the updates and new information but there is a treasure trove of interesting links that branch off from the site so I will have lots to do in the next little while.

I look at Krispy’s Rants as an opportunity to communicate with and focus my strengths without ever really revealing what and who I am and I am seeing that as a big problem that needs to be changed…yes I inject the Krispyfications into the posts and the little Easter Eggs and calls to action have been a lot of fun…but the Eating, Sleeping and Breathing IT is about to gain a new perspective.

In life we are often faced with a Crossroads, and the choice we make at that time is what will define us and make us who we will become.  I am at that exact place in my life right now…call it a mid life crisis or having lost my way…I really don’t know but I am first and foremost an IT Guy…I love technology and that will not EVER Change (unless of course the lights go out!!).

Catching up on lots of reading…and learning lots of new things.  Time is one commodity that we all need to learn to respect more…and I for one…will be focused much more on making every minute count!



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