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Enterprise 2.0 – Bringing Social to the Enterprise

Of all the initiatives that IT Professionals try to accomplish for the businesses that they support, there is one area that is still far to under utilized.  Enterprise Social is a buzz word that had legs, should have had enough thrust from the Consumer side to really take off but has just well, fizzled.

This may be the case for now but according to Dion Hinchcliffe over at that is all about to change if his recent set of predictions for Enterprise Social comes to fruition.  I find it interesting that there are still so many organizations that do not see the importance of removing the barriers between internal Social Connections and those that head out into the Interwebz and connect the dots.

The trend though will be pushed closer to a true connection by the integration of Social Media Data into the strategic planning and building of stronger, more accurate Data Enabled Applications.  There is a wealth of knowledge just sitting out there with the multiple APIs for Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn.  It really doesn’t matter if your company is focused on the B2C or the B2B market…the focus on sharing, building relationships and closing the gap between professional and personal connections is something that WILL happen and embracing this new Social Layer and focusing on the emerging Game Layer (see my recent post on Gamification for more on this) then the theory is that there will be more business to be had.

In the zdnet article one of the most interesting predictions is the importance of the Data Scientist to this whole process.  This is a term and a job that previously was really not utilized but then I headed out and took a look for some information:

IBM Defines the role as:

A data scientist represents an evolution from the business or data analyst role.

Harvard Business Review sees it as:

It’s a high-ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data.

Facebook has a job posting:

Individuals in this role are expected to be comfortable working as a software engineer and a quantitative researcher.

As I start to look out and expand my horizons by going back to University (yep…40 years old and back to school)…I wonder if my love for Data would make me a capable and competent Data Scientist?  Well the Job Requirement at Facebook has it as “M.S. or Ph.D. in a relevant technical field, or 4+ years experience in a relevant role” and I can honestly say…I am not going to go for a Ph.D but thanks to the good folks over at Gigaom, I may not to dive that far and there is a better way to learn thanks to the folks at Coursera (a great new service that intrigues me greatly).

Happy Friday everyone!

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