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Facebook Phone! Why?

So the long rumored Facebook Phone has been announced but it is not quite a full Facebook Phone… makes EVERYTHING Facebooky and that is just not cool…at least that is my opinion.  Actually in looking at some of the functions of the new Facebook Home, it might actually be useful…maybe.

During the announcement yesterday, Mark Zuckerburg (CEO of Facebook) said:

we’re finally going to talk about that Facebook phone. Or more accurately we’re going to talk about how you can turn your Android phone into a great social, simple device

Ok…so it is not a Facebook Phone?  Now I am confused, what is this an App or a Phone?  Well it is a bit of both.  Facebook partnered with HTC to make the HTC First to be the first native Facebook Home phone…so it is a phone…without being a phone?  Now I am really confused.

In looking at the drama filled heartfelt video promotion it seems to be an altruistic endeavor to connect everyone together with the pervasive existence of SmartPhones.  Ok I can get on board with that…but Facebook is not exactly known for being about the people…it has become more about the money…so how will this new highly engaging social application become a source of revenue?

Can you say Mobile Ads…yep that is right.  Facebook not only wants to take over your Home Screen and keep you coming back for more (every time to turn on your phone) they want to do so so that they can spit ads at you and increase their clicks (because when we all moved to mobile devices…that stopped being possible).

A warning about how these ads will be pushed came from Angus Wood from iProspcet (a digital marketing firm):

Invasive, tedious or over-frequent marketing in such a personal space will be an instant switch-off for Home users

I couldn’t agree more.  But the funny thing is…at launch, there will be no ads.  This will be like the ever repeated drug dealer analogy.  Get them hooked on the experience with a great Free Experience and then WAMMO get in their face and sell, sell, sell.

Will I download the App on April 12?  Probably…as much as I dislike the concept of never being able to turn off my connections…it will be interesting to see what the initial experience will be like.


Chris J Powell

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