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Free App Friday – Final Stages towards Two Weeks Without Google

I have been laying the foundation of getting everything set up for the pulling the plug on Google for a Two Week “tester” without using any Google Product.  I know it is going to be tough, especially when it comes to my phone…no Clash of Clans for 2 weeks is going to be tough…but I have been so heavily connected to the Search Giant for so long that it is time to see if I could survive with my current hardware without ever using Google.


Now it is important to note, this is not an Anti-Google Slam, I truly love Google but after more than 10 years suckling at the Teet of the Google…I want to see if there is another way to live…and that means taking a step away from all things Google.  If I can actually make it 2 weeks…well at least I will know that I don’t need them for everything.  I am however going completely Open Source and moving everything to Linux…No Windows, No Mac…just Linux on EVERYTHING!

I have laid out everything that I need and when I wake up tomorrow I will begin the process of wiping drives, formatting disks and giving myself a FRESH Digital Start.

To take a look at what I am going to be doing overall:

Desktop PC (MonstaPuter):

Installing a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 14.04 (mainly because it includes most of the editors that I normally install after the OS is put on the computer so why not save the time and do it all at once)

Phone (Nexus 4):

Ubuntu Phone 14.04

Acer Chromebook:

Lubuntu using ChrUbuntu (there are a few other ways…but this is the easiest)

Acer Tablet:

Unfortunately…there is no way to move off of this platform so I decided to pull out the old Kindle and load it with the same books that I had on the Tablet…the Acer will be packed away to avoid temptation (but there may be a little Google creeping in to my life as I like to watch TV in bed on this device)

Media Server:

The FreeNAS experiment is almost over and ready to get connected to the network…can’t wait because then I will be able to remotely setup and manage my Torrents, Media and Documents from anywhere with the plugins that I have added to the setup.

24 hours to go live…I am getting nervous but can’t wait to get home from work tonight and start on the conversion of all the drives and devices to a “Life Without Google”.



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