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Free App Friday – Keeping you Million Passwords Safe

It is not a secret that for the most part do not take our own computer security seriously enough.  Very Simple or No Passwords on User Accounts and Critical Information exposed potentially for the world to see.  With the most common Password in the world being “password” and well the other top passwords are not a whole lot better with things like 123456 and abc123 being in the top 10.  So for those of us who do take security seriously and actually either use a Random Password Generator or regularly change our Passwords…how are we supposed to keep them all straight?

In keeping with the Free App Friday theme, both the Pro Version and the Standard Version of KeePass Password Safe are completely Free, Open Source and what is even more important comes as both an Executable and a Portable Application which in my opinion is an amazing option as many of my own Passwords have become “transportable” for me and are used nearly everywhere I go.

First thing about this software is that it is small, easy to install and completely Free and Open Source which is great because I am reviewing this on a Windows Machine which for those who know me is like me drinking acid.

An impressive feature of the software is the storage of your Password Database in what ever location you like.  I did the full install and with the number of Social Media Sites, Forums and other sites that I subscribe to, it is becoming a real nuisance to try to remember all the different requirements.

For a while I did the mass password update and used the same password for everything but well this was not exactly the best of ideas even though I was using on average 64-bit Secure Passwords.

There are alternatives to KeePass but most cost money and I am as cheep as they come!



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