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Gaming on Linux – About to Get MUCH Better

Anyone who is a Gamer and a fan of Linux knows that the two are well mutually exclusive.  Sure there are lots of time waster games out there and available to install but the reality is, game play generally sucks on Linux.  There have been a few attempts to build and port games over but I was over my love of Doom in the early 1990’s so my options have been to suck it up and have a Windows Box available for gaming, invest in a console like xBox or Playstation or just not game.  I chose for the most part the later

That reality is about to change.  There has been rumblings and rumors of the Game Development Company Valve making a move to include Linux in their Stable of design environments and that is soon to become a reality.  According to the Valve Blog that puts the call out for supporters of what they call Steam’d Penguins!  I am actually truly excited that the upcoming title Left 4 Dead 2 will be released at the same time as its PC, Mac and Console based cousins.


Chris J Powell

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