Google Tries, Microsoft Flopped, RIM Failed but can Alibaba do it?

I just got an interesting alert that there may be a new hired gun in town when it comes to doing battle with Apple for global dominance of the Mobile market!  For most people Alibaba is best known as a Steak House in Kitchener Waterloo, ON or the leader of the medieval Arabic fabled 40 Thieves but for those who had done any thinking of creating an import business is a resource for Chinese Manufacturers and Distributors to get their wares to the global market place.

I have had the pleasure of working with this website in the past and have had more than my fair share of “Chinese Knock off” Gadgets drop shipped to my door but in this case we may just be on to something.  Alibaba along with Aliyun (a notable Chinese handset manufacturer) will be releasing a one two punch with the K-Touch W700 that will run a brand new mobile OS called the Ali Cloud OS.

With Apple trying to penetrate the last relatively untapped market of China with the iPhone this is big news.  There are an estimated 80 million 3G subscribers in China and there were 19.7 million Smart Phones sold in China in Q1 alone.  The phone itself has been out for a while running Android but I was able to pull up some stats on the phone

K-Touch W700 Specifications:
– Powered by Aliyun Cloud OS
– Powered by a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
– 512MB RAM memory
– 3.8 inch capacitive touchscreen LCD display
– 480 × 800 pixels display screen resolution
– Bluetooth connectivity
– WiFi LAN
– Digital compass
– Preloaded games
– Accelerometer sensor
– Ambient light sensor
– 8GB built-in memory
– Micro SD memory card slot
– Polyphonic & mp3 ring tones
– 5.0 megapixel rear camera with video recording support, digital zoom
– 0.3 megapixel front camera with video recording support & digital zoom
– Able to record 720p resolution video
– GPS navigation with A-GPS support
– Built-in FM tuner

I have not been able to locate a lot of details about the OS itself though but there will be deep integration with Cloud Based applications and in fact the Manufacturer is including 100GB of Cloud Storage with the phone purchase!  Even more impressive the phone will be unlocked and the Android version rang up at about $540 USD but the AliCloud version appears to be available right now for under $450!!!  To check out the “flashy” Chinese Marketing page for the phone go to


This will be a phone and an OS that I will watch closely as I consider the move from my Milestone.  Nothing gets perks my attention more than a device that is able to run more than one OS freely.  The reviews that I read about the W700 running Android 2.2 made it out to be a solid competitor but mix that with an OS that is built for China and Apple should be shaking in its over priced boots!


Check out this video of the OS in action:  K-Touch W700 Tegra 2 Phone Hands On


Well that is it for me, long weekend here I come!!!


Chris J Powell

Posted on July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

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