Chris J Powell

Grounded, but Still Lost

I have been thinking long and hard about what this particular site will be as I move forward in my digital life and I have opened this post page at least a dozen times without being able to even begin to type anything.  The words just wouldn’t come.  I have this sense that my life is in this constant state of flux right now and while I am able to put focus towards most aspects of my existence I find myself struggling to make any real attempt at building out the new version of this site, its purpose and its future.

I feel myself at times spinning out of control when it comes to organizing my thoughts so that I can really put some effort into building this out.

I know that I should dive back in and reconnect the images and content and do a massive clean up of broken links to restore this site to its former glory. It needs a redesign too so maybe it is just the amount of effort that it will take to reconstruct what has been the look and feel for so long.  But the neglect of this site has left me feeling a little annoyed with myself and as I venture forth into my own new beginnings I have to find the motivation to make something out of this digital property…it has my name after all.

The funny thing is, as lost as I feel at times I am able to do so much.  I am really putting down roots where I am and even though my personal life has many question marks I see a future right here where I am…but I am not sure if it is the future that I so desperately want and need.  The sitting down and applying focus to this one aspect of my life will definitely help in building where I will be going but I am just not sure what I should do with it.

The first thing that I will be doing though is returning to a post that I wrote a couple of years ago.  Looking at what my life would be like if I Had a Million Dollars.  You see when I wrote that 4 part piece I was in a vastly different place in my life.  I have sorted so many of the challenges that I was facing and I now have this very strong desire to simplify my life and while the things that I “wanted” back then may still hold true, I find myself wanting so much more now, even as I strive to make my life a little easier.

As for getting back to daily posts…it is time, I need to really get productive with my mornings instead of returning to the old habit of playing Candy Crush on Facebook.

If any of you have any suggestions on topics that should be given a “Krispyfication” drop me a line.



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