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Happy Birthday to Krispy's Rants/i am krispy

Four years ago this week I ventured forth and started to put the thoughts, rants and meanderings out there for the world to see.  4 years ago I really didn’t think that anyone at any point would give this attempt at connecting a second glance but through the process I have seen this site flourish and at times become a realization of a dream of mine.

Writing is not something that comes easy, nor does the discipline of committing the time to doing it right.  The past few months have been a challenge for me both physically and emotionally and my commitment as Wordsmith has waned somewhat.

The four years of being a blogger have seen me experiment with different platforms (the first posts were done at Google’s site) but then I found WordPress and even though I have on a few occasions left the comfort of it, I have always returned.

Looking at the numbers behind the site itself, I have accomplished quite a bit over the four years that I have been committed to building the Krispy Brand into what it is (good or bad at least):

  • nearly 1000 original posts
  • 30,000 + visitors
  • 3 iterations (there was a time that and were part of the Brand) but in the end…this is where it belongs
  • 650+ comments

But what has all of this work done to help me?  The commitment of more than 2000 hours of my life (90 minutes every single day) has proven to be an interesting investment.

Every blogger wonders if their words will make them money, or famous or just plain get them known…well for me it absolutely has been worth it.

When I worked as a Sales Professional plying the concept of others “paying for information and insight” the Brand of Krispy was about connecting with customers, clients and colleagues.  It was about sharing the things that I was witnessing in the overall Information Technology Landscape that I found interesting and applying a very scientific “Krispification Matrix” to that information and sharing it.

Did I become known?  Well I like to think so, while I am still attempting to rebuild the site and Krispy in general into its new and improved state I would say that I have accomplished my personal goals and the Rants and Musings of a Tech Sales Guy (the original tag line of the site) did everything that I wanted it to do…but in the 14 months since leaving the world of Sales behind…the site has taken a dramatic turn in how it is written, the topics covered and the direction that the site is moving.

The reality is, without having the connection to clients and customers who are asking questions every day and stimulating my mind in the direction of how I can wrap my head around different topics, it has been hard to stay motivated…but there are more than a few things that are about to change in both my life and with this website.

I am digging in and refocusing how this site will work and the topics that I will explore.  Will it be daily posts…maybe…but one thing is for certain.

Krispy is back!

So with that.  Happy Birthday to this site and thank you to all who have taken the time to visit here.  The feedback that I have gotten from friends, family, co-workers and connections around the globe have made writing this a reality and I look forward to the next chapter!



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