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Help – Our Missing Pet "Chelsea"

Normally I am chomping at the bit each Sunday Morning to sink my teeth into a new, different or experimental Linux Distribution to share with you all but this week I really need your help.  On Friday, my wife and I picked up a new pet to complete our family once again as the loss of our 12 year companion Freya was a whole that needed to be filled.  I had some time off so we headed north to the same Breeder that we got Freya from and were on our way home.

That drive home was mostly uneventful and the first hour my wife and I had a blast watching the cute little head of the 14 month old Chelsea pop up with each turn to “check out the surroundings”.  Little did we know that she was plotting a grand escape.

We decided to make a pit stop for a bite to eat at about the half way mark of our journey home at about 1:15PM.  My wife left to grab some burgers and I went to the back of our Subaru hatchback to grab Chelsea to go for a “piddle”.  Chelsea in reality didn’t need to go for a walk…she needed to go for a run, taking off at full tilt through the parking lot in the south end of my hometown Listowel, ON.

I immediately took off running but she was hell bent to explore and get away from me, evading capture, cars and everything else in this busy and crowded commercial area.  We spent the next several hours searching through the town, down every street I knew of and many that I had never seen (amazing how a town can grow in 10 years). Knowing that we could not continue to drive aimlessly we recruited the help of some friends and put a posting out on Facebook, Kijiji and Twitter to get some local help.  She had been spotted multiple times during the first day but the second day…nothing at all.

I realize that many who read this Blog are not from Listowel, but one thing that I learned this weekend…the power of Grass Roots Social Media Assistance is absolutely incredible.  I ask anyone who reads this to share across their Social Networks.  If someone was kind enough to give Chelsea a warm place to stay, they need to know that she does have a home…she just has never seen it!

Our Missing Boxer

Breed: Boxer

Sex: Female

Age: 14 Months

Microchip: No

Collar: She was wearing two collars one a worn and dirty reddish-pink one and a brand new pink and grey adjustable one with skulls on it

Name: She may respond to the name Chelsea

Weight: 35-45lbs

Height: 13-15 inches at shoulder

Traits: Shy, unsocialized but very friendly

Please share this.  We just want to bring her home to our family and give her a loving home, a yard to run in and a long life with us.


Chris J Powell

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  1. An update to the Chelsea Saga. 1 week after going missing, she has been captured/caught and is safe and sound. Her new home is waiting for her!

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