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IE6 is about to be blown off the map

Does anyone really remember the pain and horror of IE6?  No tabs, slow performance, bad display and rendering of even pages designed to work in it…yeah well for the 8.3 percent of Internet Users still using this browser…your time is up!


I really just can not imagine using a browser that was designed a decade ago to browse today’s Internet.  When IE6 was released in 2001 it was…well meh but it was the best Microsoft had and it has proven to be the most resistant to change and upgrades over the years.  Starting in January 2012 Microsoft is going to do an automatic push…no choice, no opt out options to all Internet Users to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer supported by their Windows Operating System.  It is expected to drop the 8.3% down to less than 1%.


To put these percentages into perspective:

March 31, 2011
World Regions

( 2011 Est.)

Internet Users
Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users
Latest Data

(% Population)


Users %
of Table

Africa1,037,524,0584,514,400118,609,62011.4 %2,527.4 %5.7 %
Asia3,879,740,877114,304,000922,329,55423.8 %706.9 %44.0 %
Europe816,426,346105,096,093476,213,93558.3 %353.1 %22.7 %
Middle East216,258,8433,284,80068,553,66631.7 %1,987.0 %3.3 %
North America347,394,870108,096,800272,066,00078.3 %151.7 %13.0 %
Latin America / Carib.597,283,16518,068,919215,939,40036.2 %1,037.4 %10.3 %
Oceania / Australia35,426,9957,620,48021,293,83060.1 %179.4 %1.0 %
WORLD TOTAL6,930,055,154360,985,4922,095,006,00530.2 %480.4 %100.0 %

Stats above come from

To think about that mystical 8.3% still using IE6…that would equate to about 173 million users having their browsers updated without permission.  Even more disturbing is that doing this would be the equivalent of walking into the 6th most populous country in the world (Pakistan) and telling them that Samosas are now outlawed and they will be replaced with Big Macs.  Sorry Pakistan for the short notice but you have 30 days to stop eating your delicious little pastry wrapped goodies and get with the times…Big Macs are where it is at…like it or leave it…that is what we are going to do!

Browser usage is far from the banning of a country’s eating habits but regardless of the good that the update will do in securing less co-opted “bot” computers around the globe…is it really up to any corporation to tell us what we should or should not use to surf around the internet?  I use IE at work only because some of the tools I need will only work in IE…if there was an option…I could choose…choice is being removed from the equation.

Hmmm…here is a thought…we could start an Occupy Microsoft movement…everyone head off to Redmond, Washington and we can camp out on the 300 Acre campus until they make a real change…yeah!

For those who take this seriously…sure head out to Microsoft HQ:

15010 NE 36th Street
Microsoft Campus
Building 92
Redmond, WA 98052

Cheers and have a great day!

Chris J Powell

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