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If I had a Million Dollars – Part 1

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the Wants and Needs in my life and every time my mind starts to wander to the “Wants” I think of the song “If I Had a Million Dollars” by the Bare Naked Ladies.  This early 90’s anthem of wanting “K-Cars, Chesterfields and Kraft Dinner” I thought why not create a running total of the things that I want and see if I can hit the spending limit of $1,000,000.  It is important to note that this list will have a distinctly “tech geek” feel to it as I go shopping online for the things that there is no way this cheap bastard would ever get unless he had a spare Million laying around!

I have been walking everywhere for the past 6 months and while it has done wonders for my physical conditioning, it has caused a bit of a strain on my social endeavours…in fact, I kind of miss the people that while I would see them infrequently…now I don’t see them at all so I become a bit of a home body and therefore I would head out and get me a car…or rather a truck…and with that I would trick it out with all the latest tech that I could find…and so here goes what I would get for wheels:

2014 Ford F-150 Raptor

If the 2015 model was available right now it would be that wonder of modern engineering but it is all about taking what is available right now and building what I can from the ground up.  I headed off to the website and configured a fully loaded SVT Raptor…final price tag rings in at $79,403 with taxes and delivery…but while there are a tonne of options available from Ford (and trust me…I took them all (Front and Rear Cameras, Bed liner, Pop Up Cargo Hooks, even the rear Seat DVD setup), I would not be happy with just this…as nice as this beast looks:


Once delivered, I would customize this beast with a few extras:

The Addictive Desert Designs Rancher Front Bumper  – $2,000


I have always been intrigued with the concept of setting up a computer in a vehicle that would be able to communicate and be easily updated as soon as I got home so I would then replace the factory radio with something that would be better suited in a world that was a cross between Mad Max, Max Headroom and Bladerunner so I would take to building my own “Vehicle Entertainment System” complete with a massive internal Storage Array and to start off with I would use the E3iO 2Din system that allows me to configure it with 1TB SSD, Windows 8.1 with Touchscreen, OBDLink Software (to monitor my new truck), 16 GB of RAM and a 3.2 Ghz Processor…all this goodness for $2700 (although I would probably experiment with the installation of Ubuntu on the truck for some very specific reasons):


There are probably a dozen other things that I would want to do to this truck before I even drove it for the first time…like a custom paint job (Do U Ubuntu???), a Lift Kit, CB Radio…all said and done…I would probably set a budget for further modifications about about $20,000 so all said and done, from my initial $1,000,000, after day one of toy shopping, I would be sitting at:


STARTING BALANCE $                   1,000,000.00
TRUCK $                         79,403.00
FRONT BUMPER $                           2,000.00
CAR PC $                           2,700.00
OTHER MODIFICATIONS $                         20,000.00
DAY 1 BALANCE $                       895,897.00

Next time…I look at my Home Theatre…and general Entertainment!



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