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If I Had a Million Dollars – Part 2

After last week, my starting balance of $1,000,000 had been whittled down to  $895,897.00 with the purchase of what can only be described as a set of wheels that would define the personality that I think that I have.  But now today it is about getting my true geek on.  The Information Superhighway has lots of Tech, Gear and Gadgets that I would love to have but because I am a cheap bastard, I just look, wish and dream…and that is what these posts are all about…the Dream and the Wants.


When it comes to the latest Techie Gear, I am still a man of relatively simple tastes but there are several interesting items that with my new found virtual wealth I would definitely grab.  I love my Nexus 4 so the next logical progression for a new phone would be the latest upgrade to the Nexus 6 but I am torn between staying true to the Nexus brand or returning to my one true Mobile Love…Motorola.  The debate in my own head rages on and on…but at the end of the day the MotoX is a gorgeous phone and is available now…which is actually what these posts are about so I went about configuring my own personalized version of this Superphone and at $649 with no contract…not a bad deal overall!


The next little bit of Tech Gear that would make me a complete person (or at least closer to being an Uber Geek) is grabbing a Moto 360.  This stunning piece of wearable computing bliss is a great companion for the new phone and unlike many of the other Smart Watches out there…looks really, really nice.  At a paltry $279 this bit of “geekery” is not only stylish…but serves a true function so that I don’t have to reach into my pocket to check the time, see quick messages and even respond to emails and texts.


This handles much of my mobile computing, but now I want to dive into the semi mobile world of my computing bliss.  I have had a Google Chromebook for about a year now and while it serves its purpose and lets me do much of what I want to do…I think that I would like something with a bit more oompf that could potentially replace my desktop.  I went looking for the best and brightest when it comes to the Ultrabooks and in sticking with the theme of Motorola/Lenovo found the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 3702 to be just the right fit with its 11.6″ Touch Screen, 8 GB of RAM and a good sized 256 GB SSD and ringing in at $3800 it is the single biggest computing purchase I would have ever made…so far.


The final bit of Geekery for today though, especially now that I am replacing my Desktop with a laptop is to move my storage needs away from the world of computers and into a true NAS that I would be able to access from anywhere, on any of my new Geeky Devices and for this I turn to the Buffalo Terrastation 8500.  This 8 Bay piece of technology will allow all of my media, files and data to be stored in one location, on a shelf, tucked away and serving up all the goodness that I want with 32 TB of storage.  Without Drives it rings in at $3600 but when I add in the 8 x 4TB drives (opting for Server Drives from Western Digital) the price jumps up to $7200!


STARTING BALANCE $                    895,897.00
PHONE $                         649.00
WATCH $                           279.00
LAPTOP $                          3,800.00
STORAGE $                         7,200.00
DAY 2 BALANCE $                       883,969.00

Next though…will really be home entertainment…and this is gonna get “expensive”.



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