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Indecision Leads to Inaction – or NOT???

Yesterday as I sat down at my desk and started to investigate which Operating System I would take a deeper look at and install for an OS Sunday Review I realized that I have not been doing a very good job at peeling back the layers and taking a real look at what an OS has to offer.  I am just doing a Virtual install, snapping some screen shots and listing what I like or dislike and wham bam thank you ma’am it is over.


So as I sat back and looked at the three contenders that I was considering reviewing (Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, ReactOS – Open Source Windows, or the Windows 10 Technical Preview) I could not help but think of what methodology I should use to actually focus in on a ranking system…and then I began to start jotting down ideas…you see I use Ubuntu in general as the baseline for comparison on all levels mainly because that has been my primary operating system for about 7 years now…but that is just not enough because that is very subjective and does not provide anyone with anything more than my opinion.

So I started formulating what an evaluation plan would look like and realized that I would need to actually set things up to be used in a semi-production environment…to be used and abused as a “daily driver” for more than just the installation.

This will mean my installing the full OS onto “MonstaPuter” for a minimum of 1 week and using it to do everything from this Blog, to my online courses to Facebook Games to everything else that I use this desktop for in the morning and when I stumble home after work.

But as I started to really think about how I would objectively evaluate the OS that I would review…I began to wonder if I could truly be objective in the process that was all to subjective.  I know how frustrating things can be so I figured I would need to not only focus on the plan, but also establish a scoring system that would enable me to build out a “quarterly winner”.

I will also decided that I would build out a focused Install list for the next 6 months to actually look at what I was going to be installing, running and using, you see the good thing about setting things up this way is that I will be able to test the compatibility of the different operating systems to integrate into my existing home network, access all of the music and media and get a real feel for just how usable it is…from the perspective of both a first time user…and from someone who has been using Linux and Computers for quite some time.

The Indecision of what OS to review yesterday, lead me down an interesting path of enlightenment and while I did not do a review…I think I have a stronger and more concrete idea of what I will do with the work each Sunday…and will be jotting down all my ideas via Markdown for transfer to the website.  I think this methodology of posting better rather than more.




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