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Infographic of the Week – Big Data in Sales

I may not be in Sales anymore but I still have a lot of Friends and Colleagues that still battle it out on the front lines of peddling products and selling services so I thought that I would use some of my new found insights into the world of Big Data to help them.  In my current role as a Service Concierge I hear my current batch of co-workers tell our customers that they are “just” an appointment booker…no one is just anything and the same should be said about the world of Big Data and Sales.

If my first project for my Data Science Course has taught me anything is that the Data I want is out there…I just need to find it, massage it and make sense of what it is telling me…that is a really great thing…and the same can be said about any Sales Professional out there!  Don’t wait for someone else to spoon feed you.  Take the bull by the horns and build…then you will really have something real to sell to your customers: YOU!!!

This week’s Infographic comes from and I really like how the combination of leveraging Big Data to target and Social Selling to build the connection is a great way to place the focus on helping the customer find what it is they are looking for…in some cases before they really know they are looking for it because you are using Predictive Analytics.  There are many a technique that can be built and leveraged for free…so don’t wait for your IT Department or Sales Management to spoon feed you the information…take advantage of Data Freedom and build what you need to be the best at your job…and more!!!

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