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Infographic of the Week – Facts About Mental Illness

It is funny, when I started blogging 3 years ago I used it as a way for connecting with my customers and promoting myself as a trusted partner for their businesses.  The transformation of my writing and the topics that I look to have stayed fairly consistent but recently I have found that I need to start sharing more about my personal life and some of the challenges that I am facing.  The reality is, I am part of a silent group that is both discriminated against and ridiculed…you see I am one of the 450 million people in the world that is suffering from Depression.

It is not easy…in fact it is incredibly hard.  While I do have great days (this weekend for example)…I am finding that little triggers in my life are causing me to fall very fast into a tail spin that is hard to pull out of, and once that downward spiral starts…well I leave a path of burned bridges and a wake of secondary pain all around me.  I don’t have to suffer alone, I know this but the barriers to getting real and long term assistance with Mental Illness in this City and this Province is well lets just say I have been on a waiting list for 2 years to see someone about this problem as I can no longer afford to go to a Psychologist and really need to see a Psychiatrist which in Ontario is covered under OHIP.

I figured I would share an Infographic that I discovered that shows that when you head off to work today…look to your right and look to your left…chances are one of the 3 of you is suffering in silence!

The Science of Mental Illness

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