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Infographic of the Week – The Rise of Wearable Tech

For some time the idea of Wearable Tech and the Internet of Things has intrigued me.  I was reading about the exceedingly sexy Moto360 (you may have heard about it, it is a round SmartWatch) and once again became enamored with the idea of connecting another wonderful device to my growing collection of amazingly brilliant technology.  As I round up the end of my Google Free Experience I wonder…the deeper that I connect with a company like Google, will I be forever beholden to them?  Oh well back to Wearable Tech.

Over at they came up with a great look at the history of Wearable Tech, from its humble beginnings as a way to hack the casinos to present with Google Glass, SmartWatches and even SmartFashion…yes I went there…Geek Gear Gone Wild!!!





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