Infographic of the Week – What Kind of Social Sharer Are You

When businesses post things on your favorite Social Media Channel there is often a great deal of psychology that is put behind what is hoped to get out of that post.  They target key “Social Sharing” personalities.  The same can be said for you and I when we post the picture of our latest dinner out or a selfie or for that matter any post.  Sometimes we post just for the sake of posting…others it is to rant or rave and then there are those of us out there that put a lot of thought into the Social Profiles that define our Digital Lives.

I used to put a lot of thought into what I looked like to the greater world out there, but lately, now that I am not in Sales…I don’t really think as much about it…that though is likely to change dramatically over the next several months…you see I am planning a Digital Makeover of Krispy and Chris J Powell…and what that will look like will be very measured and strikingly focused…but for now I give you an Infographic from StatPro:

6 Types Of Social Sharer
Courtesy of: Infographic Journal



Posted on October 22, 2014 in Infographic

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