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Infographic of the Week – Wireless Trends of 2013

Winter has made a rather ugly return to South Western Ontario and because of that I found myself hitting snooze a few more times than usual this morning (it was so warm and cozy under the covers!).  But never being one to give up on my loyal readers I went looking for some interesting insights into the world of Technology and found several interesting Infographics.  The one I chose to share comes from and a look at Wireless Trends for 2013.  This is very timely as the hype for the GSMA Mobile World Congress is starting to heat up and my jealousy factor went up 200% yesterday when I found out that two of my colleagues from work are going to be attending (Mike Battista and Mark Tauschek…just so you both know I would be more than willing to fold myself up and fit into your luggage…I would even pay for the overweight luggage fee).


Chris J Powell

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