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Infographic of the Week – Is Your Information Secure?

The world is not generally a safe place these days.  Sure here in our relatively peaceful corner of the big blue planet North Americans enjoy a modest level of security…but that goes right out the window when we place our personal data in the hands of strangers.  This week’s Infographic is a look back at the the 1st Quarter of 2014 and what stands out most glaringly is the 200 Million Records that were lost or stolen!  Brought to you by SafeNet the stats are quite scary 78% if all “reported” breaches coming from and/or affecting North America…it points a glaring finger at the world of the Interwebz is not exactly safe.  Add into the mix the security hole that XP Support Ending, the Heartbleed exploit and the growing gap between the tech we use and the tech we understand and looking at the SecureList IT Threat Evolution for Q1 2014 has me thinking that my new Network I am building…will need to have a bit more security than an encrypted password!

Breach Level Index: 200 Million Data Records Lost/Stolen in Q1 2014

by SafeNet.
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