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Invest in the Bank of YOU!

With the economy in the toilet and the price of Gold at record highs it would be simple for me to say…pull all your savings and invest in Gold, not just the investment but in buying actual Gold pieces and putting them away for safe keeping.  This would help safeguard yourself from any impending global meltdown but the purpose of this post is not how to squirrel away money, gold or other property…the First National Bank of YOU is a Knowledge Bank and its reserves are not based on Gold Bullion or Property but on the amount of accessible knowledge you can apply to your life.

The key to personal improvement is to be indebted to no one when it comes to your understanding of how to achieve your personal goals.  There is the 10% rule about paying yourself and putting away at least 10% of your earnings into savings for the future but I strongly recommend increasing that to 15% to include 5% for ongoing training and self improvement.


Every employer that I have ever had promised additional training and support.  They would either provide you with a list of online courses that they had built or at the very least had access to through a third party or in some cases would send you to offsite learning a couple of times per year.


This is great but if you have set expectations for yourself to be the best at what you do…waiting for anyone else to give you what you have determined is needed to succeed is a waste of time and will delay your goals and objectives.


Before investing hundreds and sometimes 1000s of dollars in training and courses, do your home work.  I strongly recommend looking to the books and audio tapes of a few of the leading Personal Improvement Experts.  Back in the early days of this blog I highlighted a few of them Try not to Become a Man of Success but a Man of Value.  With my wild ride of serious self discovery I just added to my own Jeffrey Gitomer Collection with his Little Book of Leadership and will be attending his upcoming seminar here in London in April.

In the past year I have taken it upon myself to fund several projects to help me become the best Sales Professional I can be and in a couple of weeks I will be taking the next step towards a certification when I finalize my membership in the America Association of Inside Sales Professionals but for you there may be other Associations that are more suited to you in your current role or as this week is dedicated to, if you are looking to get into a new career a good first step is to join the Professional Association of that Industry and get a leg up on the competition.


In school or out, new to a job or a seasoned veteran.  Knowing what you know is not good enough.  To succeed or to continue to succeed is a matter of continuous improvement.  Of never settling and always moving forward.




Chris J Powell

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