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iOS not so bad – but not because of Apple

I use my iPad a lot, even to decode RQB6WF9N823G.  14-15 hours per day it is used from everything from a desktop music player at work (because I can’t get WiFi Access) and at home as my evening social connector but I must say that I have been getting more and more frustrated by this Apple device.  This frustration has more to do with the integration of Safari and its really poor rendering of many of the sites I go to on  a regular basis.

But I woke up this morning and was thumbing through the Tech News and found myself reading an article about Google Chrome being updated on iOS devices.  Being in Canada, there is always a delay for the good stuff to come to us through the App Store but I headed over and quickly installed the Google Browser.

So how is it that Google can make an Apple product better with Apps that rock like the Chrome Browser, the new iPad optimized Google+, Google Drive is awesome on the device,  I love the way that Google Currents displays on the iPad and many more Google produced options that other 3rd party app makers have floundered to produce well.

For months I have been thinking about putting my iPad up for sale at work, but the fact that I am finding Chrome to be at least 50% faster on the same internet connection, Google+ is now sleek and sexy…my iPad once again works like a charm, doing the things I want it to.

The real question is…why does it take things from Google to make an Apple device work better?  I am not hearing any rumblings that Siri is coming to Android Devices…but if Apple really had their head on straight…maybe that is the right move?  Apple Apps like Safari and their native mail App just suck, they are slow and require far to many clicks and I have been having freeze ups all over the place on both apps…I just wish I could pull them out of my Dock Bar so that I could replace them with All Google…All the Time!


Chris J Powell

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