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Is a Pat on the Back worth more than Money in the Bank?

Once again Managers around the world fail to recognize that while a bump in pay will make employees happy in the short term, it is recognition that really puts a smile on their face and makes them give 110%.  A recent Westminster College Survey revealed managers believe that MONEY is the primary motivator of employees while in the same survey the employees themselves revealed that is just not true and that support and recognition was far more key to their satisfaction.


As a real fan of InfoGraphics I found this little gem out on the Interwebz and thought that I would share.  To give credit where credit is due it came from the great people at


For me, I couldn’t agree more.  Money is nice but more than anything, I want to feel appreciated for the extra mile I go everyday for my peers, my clients and my employer.  For the most part I count myself pretty lucky to work where I do.




Chris J Powell

2 thoughts on “Is a Pat on the Back worth more than Money in the Bank?

  1. Hi Chris … I’m glad you love the infographic. I do too! To be fair, and as you so nicely put, to give credit where credit is due… the infographic was actually created by Column Five for Socialcast (

    Also, if you like this graphic, you may be interested in reading this recent blog post: The Social Revolution of Rewards and Recognition

    Thanks for spreading the social media love!

    Elizabeth @socialworkplace

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I have book marked your site and will be referencing it frequently as I do my weekly post on HR (a new responsibility for me at my full time gig as an Account Manager).


    Chris J Powell

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