IT Consultants, Internet Explorer and Facebook

In my job I unfortunately have to interact with Microsoft a lot.  My desktop uses the venerable WinXP, MS Office 2K7 and IE8.  I can live with the 8 minute boot up times (yes 8 minutes to a active desktop), Office is well a necessary evil but IE8…now there is something that I could do without.  Problem is Internet Explorer is the only browser supported by our IT Department as our dialer will only work in IE (the IE Tab in Firefox and in Chrome just don’t float my boat).

The straw that broke the camels back yesterday was when IE crashed 6 times in one hour causing me to have to restart work that I was doing 7 times in SalesForce.  What has always irked me about the Microsoft Browser is how tightly it is wound into the File Manager – Windows Explorer…there have been times that I have seen both on my machine but on others that it will use 1/2 the available RAM for two tabs and that is just PATHETIC!

Next week I think it is worth giving my view on all the browsers that are out there and give a bit of my opinion on each.

I had a conversation with one of my clients yesterday and while I rarely catch them relaxing watching YouTube Videos this client told me he was “busier than a long tailed cat in a Rocking Chair Show Room” which definitely puts a image in front of you that is hard to ignore.

Now with the recession supposedly over and for the most part a much rosier outlook on 2011 as far a IT budgets go why aren’t companies going hog wild hiring IT Consultants to implement the Infrastructure upgrades that they are planning?  I did a quick poll and found out some reasons that if you are an IT Consultant you should change your mindset or if you are an IT Director / Manager needing assistance you should take a long hard look at why or if you should bring in a hired gun for everything.

With the amount of corporate downsizing that has occurred over the last several years the ranks of Independent Consultants has swelled.  With 1000s of new “experts” flooding the ranks be cautious of promises of instant fixes and short installation cycles.  Promising the world and delivering a pebble is not uncommon but on the other hand there are some absolutely incredible companies and individuals out there…I know as this is my favorite segment to work with at my job at Info-Tech Research Group.

The brain child of Mark Zuckerberg continues to make news, make a butt load of money and well generally suck each and every one of us into it clutches of cutesy games, time wasting polls and a forum for us to both connect with long lost friends and complain about well EVERYTHING!

Did you know though that this Tech Billionaire still lives like he did when was still just an idea?  He was on Oprah and gave a tour of his 2000 square foot rented home a few steps from the HQ of facebook.  As much as I hate facebook, it has become an integral part of my life, as much as Google and email so I for one say to Mr. Zuckerberg (hmmm…that feels strange calling a 26 year old Mister but I am far from a billionaire so I guess he has earned it) – “Keep yourself grounded and looking forward!”.

Cheers and once again…this week is for ‘Niffy!

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