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Krispy's Tech News of the Week – November 21, 2014

Back in the early days of my blogging I used to scour the web for ideas and things that inspired me.  The topics and ideas that are out there on the Interwebz are incredible and the time needed to actually dive into the concept of keeping up with Technology is, well challenging to say the least.  I was reading through my archived posts from the early days of when the Rants were Fresh and the Idea of Blogging every day was a tool for building connections with my clients as I sold IT Research and Advisory Services with the Info-Tech Research Group which is filled with some incredible people that really made an impact in the lives of IT Professionals around the world.

Now, almost 4 years after my first post, I am bringing back the Krispifications that I used to publish from sources around the Information Highway and sharing what I have found to be the best of the week (3 or 4 quick bytes of information).

Contributor by Google

Google like no other company has benefited from the world of online advertising.  Heck in the past I even played around with the insertion of ads on my sites but have since decided that I don’t need the revenue from ads to keep my ideas flowing…although the extra income would be nice.  With Contributor by Google, subscribers will be able to dive into the content they love with out the aggressive push of ads at every page turn and transition.  For $1-3 per month, subscribers will be able to access Partner Sites, ad free but still help to fund the sharing of information that drives today’s great minds to understand the world around them.  Right now it looks like just a handful of partners have signed up:  Mashable, The Onion, Science Daily, Imgur, WikiHow, and Urban Dictionary.

IBM Verse

This week, Big Blue announced a “new” way of interacting with the venerable bane of our work lives…email.  Work is changing and how we get and share the information that we all need to be able to interact and improve productivity through a new email program called Verse.  While it is not yet available, I did take the opportunity to sign up for the beta version and from what I could see in the preview pages…the way that the program is designed to make email a connection to the most important people in our work lives is an interesting spin on the world of folders, lists and rules.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

As many of you know, I am not very patient and when the factory image was released last Saturday morning for my Nexus 4, I rushed home after work and took to installing it directly instead of waiting for it to be released Over the Air (OTA).  Week one is done and I must say, other than some issues with installing apps from Google Play, and the occasional hiccup with the Launcher and Google Play Services…I am very, very impressed.  The new Android OS is not only stable, it is elegant and being part of the Lollipop Guild is really, really cool.

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