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When the Law of Attraction Breaks – Until We Meet again Bob!

It has been hard to be happy these past couple of weeks…not because I am in a funk, or even felling depressed…I can’t help but think that the world is plotting this great big balancing act that for every good thing that happens…there needs to be an equal negative event to maintain balance and order.

Papa Peanut


Earlier this month, I lost one of the greatest men I know to Cancer. My Grandfather was a fighter and right up until the end…he was a pillar of hope and strength but this morning…I got word that another father figure to me was called home. I may not have always seen eye to eye with him…but as a Step Father he knew his place (not as a father to 5 adult boys) but as a companion to my mother…and for that and the many years you shared…I know my mother is blessed.

For each of us boys in the Powell Family we may have had our differences over the years and I am sure that those differences will continue to be a source of friction from time to time…but one thing we could be sure of, was that Bob would be at Mom’s side. Through thick or thin, good and bad he was there. Even when he would head off on a hunting or fishing trip…it was to bring back the goods…and oh how good that Venison Summer Sausage was each Christmas.

The Law of Attraction as it applies here, is that there was an alliance, an attraction and an affinity between my Mother and the man who would over time, become my Step Father and Papa Peanut to my Daughter. Two fish pulled from the same pond, I knew that my Mother was happy and content and as I moved on with my own life…that is all that I could hope for.

2013 will be a year that I would more than gladly skip. Too much loss, with a Step Mother, a Grandfather and now Bob McNichol. To top things off, 2013 will also be a year of change for me as I lost my job but then found a new one.

They say that God does not give you more than what you can handle…but at a time like this…with so much change happening…I just don’t know if I have the reserves to make it through this.

There are times in everyone’s life that not only faith but capacity are called into question. While my faith has not wavered in these weeks…capacity is definitely going to be a challenge as I work out all the new realities that I face and make some decisions moving forward.

For everyone as we approach that magical time of year…I hope your Holiday Season all that it can be.




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