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Lessons about New Beginnings

There are plenty of new beginnings about to happen around the Tech World.  Apple is set to release its much anticipated iOS 6 (but beware…not all your devices will have all the features), Microsoft is set to have a “BIG Announcement” on Monday and there are rumors floating with the most likely a release of an iPad Killer Tablet.  There was even an impressive resurgence in support for Linux at the Enterprise level when some of Techs heaviest hitters rallied around Red Hat Linux!  But the New Beginning that I am talking about is within me.

Not only are we moving (to our first real house in 10 years) but I have also committed to myself to take on a healthier lifestyle.  A colleague at work @SandiConrad undertook a 30 day challenge recently and documented much of her lifestyle changes in a daily blog.  While I realize that 100s of people start down one of these 30 day challenges each and every day and it is not that big of a deal…I am faced with a bit of a health scare with blood pressure creeping up (for the first time EVER) and an ever increasing middle section.

So why not take up the torch where Sandi left off and build a real transformation…no Gym memberships, no increased costs and no radical shifts in lifestyle.  I have access to the internet and figured that as I share the name of a famous Health and Lifestyle trainer…why not give it a shot.  So the other Chris Powell…at least that is what I like to call him has developed a plan that was built from years on the show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition called Reshape the Nation.

There are two versions of the plan…one Free that took me just a few minutes to register for…I realize that without the meal plans and everything else it may be a challenge but you know what…I refuse to “feed the Diet Industry” so I will set out to see what FREE can get me in 30 days.  I will Blog and Tweet about it starting Monday June 18 for 30 days there will be 2 posts from me each day one here and one at

My goal is to lose 3 inches around the waist and 30 lbs while actually eating food on a regular basis (I am notorious for only eating once per day so this will be the biggest change for me).  I don’t know if I will be able to do it…but that is what new beginnings are about right…venture into the unknown and see where the path less traveled takes you!


Chris J Powell


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