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Long Goodbyes…Farewell Mother

This will be my second official attempt at putting my thoughts about my mother onto the screen for the world to see.  The first attempt at this was done just 2 weeks after her passing on November 1, 2016 but because of some technical issues with my web host, I lost much of the work that I had put in to this site in 2016.

I have restored the files as best I can and I I think back to the 2 1/2 months that I have had to live my life without the woman who was so key in making me what I am today (both good and bad) I have a vastly different perspective on her life.

You see, my mother was a very strong woman, she gave birth to 5 boys and raised us while working full time and in our teenage years started her own business at a time when it was almost unheard of for a woman to be in business alone.  We all worked for her at Powell Printing over the years and I have many fond memories of the time there.

My mother was incredibly creative.  She could knit, embroider, crochet and quilt with the best of them out there.  Some of my fondest memories as a child were playing under the quilt frames of one of the many quilts she made over the years.  I would make believe fierce battles with my G.I. Joe’s and race cars up and down the frames.  There was always another project on the go and this held true right until the end.

My mother was so strong that right up until the time that she was admitted into the hospital for the last time, she was still going into the shop to train the new owner on the little details that made her the success that she was.  I will miss her strength and compassion most of all as I now find myself a little bit rudderless when it comes to which direction I should take on this journey we call life.

My mother fostered the work ethic and family first attitude that each of us boys share.  To her, family was very important, being the oldest of 9 children herself she maintained a close relationship with her entire extended family and in looking back at the funeral I know that many will miss her wry sense of humour and bitter tongue that was never missing the opportunity to teach a life lesson to anyone who would listen.

My mother shared with us each a unique relationship and right up until the Cancer finally took her away from us, we shared stolen little moments that I will hold near to me for all my life.

My mother was not perfect, but who among us is.  Her mistakes (while few) did not define her as she was bigger than any of us should be.

I will miss the random phone calls that I would get from her, and still find myself reaching for my phone to call her when something good happens in my life.

This time as the days turn to weeks, and week turn to months has been really tough but I know that she is still close by and even though she never got to come and visit me here in Aylmer, her spirit comes by the house in the form of a Yellow Finch, feeding in the back yard.

I love you Mom…and forever will.


Chris J Powell

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