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Measuring your Social Presence

Yesterday I gave a bit of a background into the big 5 ways that I focus on my own Personal Social Strategy in building and promoting myself as a Sales Professional.  I am unique in the fact that I commit 20+ hours per week into maintaining a Social Presence across multiple areas of focus but how do I measure the success of what I do and the time investment that I make in this space?

I touched on some of the external ways that I measure my influence and track my own success beyond making a faster and deeper connection with my current, past and future clients in my full time job.


I have been a long time proponent of Klout in the fact that it is consistent in how it measures and provides feedback to me about 3 key areas and my overall influence.  I looks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Blogger, YouTube and Flickr Accounts to establish the baseline measurement.

  • True Reach is a measure of how many people I influence, the algorithm filters out the Spam and Bots to come up with what I have found to be a fairly honest number.
  • Amplification is how much I actually influence those people.  Do they like my Facebook Posts, are my Tweets Retweeted and do my LinkedIn updates get shared?
  • Network is a measure of how influential my network is.  I like this one the best because it looks to how connected those that I am connected to are.

These three items are combined to come up with a score…as of today mine sits at a consistent:



PeerIndex looks to measure ones Online Authority and is a measure of the impact that my online activities have on the world around me.  What attracted me to PeerIndex was that it is not a popularity index (although having a massive network does help a lot in bumping up ones score) and focuses on the quantity of ones posts.  I have linked my LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Krispy’s Rants to this measurement.

  • Authority is a measurement of Trust and it calculates this by other peoples recommendations and the influence of reposts, likes and shares.
  • Audience is a measure of the relative reach that your Authority can get to.  If you shout in an empty room and no one hears you…all you get is a sore throat.
  • Activity is a measure of your relative connection to the Topics that you have connected with.  In my case I chose to be measured on 4 broad topics – Open Source, Mobile Phones, Mobile & Wireless Technologies and Tech Industry.



The Interesting thing about Naymz is that it allows ones peers to influence your overall score by providing feedback.  As a Sales Professional I really like this as it is an opportunity to measure the connections that I make outside of my Social Media endeavours.  It allows my clients and colleagues to both endorse and recommend me as a professional adding to a Personal Brand that I can then leverage as a way of connecting with new contacts.

The Scoring for Naymz is calculated by measuring:

  • Peer Assessment which is a brief optional survey that asks 4 simple questions and then measures across both the Naymz Network and your personal network.
  • Social Influence looks to the number of contacts, the influence and frequency of your Social Media Posts.
  • Transparency the more that you “put yourself out there” the higher the Rep Score you achieve.



Of the 4 services that I use to measure my Social Success I find that ProSkore has the least relevancy to me.  The thrust behind ProSkore is to build a professional network and is more ideally suited to both business owners and freelance workers looking to expand and land business.

There is value in what they are doing which is why I maintain the Free Profile but will never likely invest in the Pro Version.

The Scoring System for ProSkore works by looking at:

  • Real World Experience such as work and education
  • Social Media Influence with a connection to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Blogs
  • Activity on ProSkore and the interaction you have with their network


So when it comes to maintaining a presence in Social Media, it is not just about post and pray.  Leveraging not just one but several connections to measure and track the influence you have on those that you connect with. 

When we look at the world of averages, I am not doing to badly on any of the networks scoring above average in all:


Klout Average Score:


PeerIndex Average Score:

Variable by Topic

Naymz Average Score:


ProSkore Average Rank:


Well…venture forth and be social everyone and feel free to add me to your Social Networks, you can find all mine over at

Have a great day everyone!

Chris J Powell

1 thought on “Measuring your Social Presence

  1. Thank you for this analysis I guess what is at stake here is aiomodificctmon’ how we are turned from human beings into commodities and how we turn ourselves into marketable goods.There is of course another take on this, a more conformist one I guess: thie reason we can use platforms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter is that somehow someone is paying the bill. To be honest: if I can get these services for free, and if those services have such a following because (among other reasons) they are free, I’m happy to be targeted by marketeers especially if their knowledge about my interests makes their offerings more relevant. About marketing ourselves: I think their are several ways to deal withmetrics such as Klout. The better way to deal with them is to consider them as one feedback system among others. A low Klout can be indicative of a lack of conversations (and too much pointless broadcasting). What would definitively be ridiculous is gaming the system to get a high Klout because it’s not by manipulating the feedback that you’re helping yourself. What worries me more however is the fact that Google and Facebook are nudging us to stay within their very own environment. They also impose their rules (identity) even though we still have some choice (Twitter rules about identity differ from Google and Facebook). So maybe open source efforts for building a truly open social network would be interesting for those who want to escape aiomodificctmon and for those who want to promote openess and a Commons of online conversations.

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