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My 14610 Days – Thank You

So I have now been around for 14610 days…for those without a calculator close by, yes that means today I turn 40!  I have accomplished many things with the time that I have been blessed to have in this life so far.  I have built hundreds of new connections with people all over the world because of the time I spend each morning right here.  I have had the opportunity to decode interesting algorithms like RQB6WF9N823G and have built/repaired/rehabbed more than 100 computers.

It’s funny how Birthday’s evolve as we get older.  This being a milestone day for me I have been sitting back and taking stalk for some time about where I am and where I want to be. I think that each of us fail to do one thing and that is celebrate the great things that we each do for others.  That connection that makes us so very human is what has built civilizations, created the wonders of religion and politics, made monumental scientific discoveries and built the great architectural wonders we see all around us.

I do ask that each of you who read this though take a moment to think back to the people that you are closest to.  Those that really influence who you are.  It may be your parents, spouse, children or work mates.  Say THANK YOU at least once today.

Give no reason…just two simple words and leave it at that.

For what I am going to do with my day…well after a day of recovery from some not so stellar Birthday Eats and Treats at a Chinese Buffet here in London…I have a jam packed day at work and then time with my Second Family at the Forest City Toastmasters.

Hopefully there are a few customers who want to say Thank You to me today!


Chris J Powell


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