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New Feature – Observations of a Pedestrian Commuter – Part 1

For the past 4 months I have been taking a very active role in changing my body appearance.  When I lost my car in the marital separation I first took to riding a bicycle and then when I moved closer to work I started to walk to work everyday.  This 25 minute walk two times per day has had a dramatic change on both the way that I look and the way that I feel but I have been cautiously watching the people and the communities that I walk through each day and I figured that with the change of seasons soon upon us, I would take a Byte out of the world around me and share some of my observations as a pedestrian commuter.


I have been very fortunate this summer in that despite the fact that it was very wet, I was only caught in the rain twice…one of them being yesterday…and the rain storm that hit this mall South Western Ontario City was a doozy.  I have been wet before…but in the span of 25 minutes I had gained no less than 20 lbs in wet clothes (that I was wearing and carrying in my backpack).  It was tough, and some would say that I should have had an umbrella but that would not have protected me from the inconsiderate drivers on the road (including London Transit Commission Bus Drivers) who seemed to speed up for the puddles that were forming as the storm drains were for the most part blocked with leaves.  I was sprayed no less than 4 times until I got off the main road that I was walking on and while this way is a bit longer…it was better for my attitude and mental stability from not letting the anger boil up with the sound of every passing large vehicle.

Being a Pedestrian is actually quite fun.  I find the 25 minutes going to work a way to prepare for the  day, and the same with the way home…it is a disconnect point from the two aspects of my life…and that is a good thing.

But that being said…I am running a bit behind on the day so I must run.



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