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And Now For Something Different – Tech Pet Peeves

I truly love all things that plug-in and go “whiz-bang”.  Computers, Cameras, Phones…they all intrigue me and make me so glad that I am a part of this time in the history of man kind…but at the same time.  Technology does cause my hair line to recede faster than having a Teenage Daughter!



Not all of the things that technology has to offer is about things going wrong though, some are just observations about how Technology is being used by people who should not have access to it…so here goes, my 2014 list of Tech Pet Peeves:

  1. Using an iPad to Take Pictures: When I was in Las Vegas in January I noticed that the idea of using an iPad (not an iPad mini or another 7″ Tablet but a full on 10″ iPad to take pictures.  The number one question is why are you carrying this around with you when you are out and about…I truly believe that mobile computing through the use of Tablets is a great thing, heck I have 4 tablets and an eReader myself…but using it to take pictures…that is just well silly (and I am being nice).
  2. Reply All in Email: This has long been a pet peeve of mine…from my days of working in a company that had an extensive Sales Force that did not know, understand or comprehend the concept of Netiquette, I ask for Microsoft and all other email programs to figure out a way to disable this feature permanently.  I am all for seeing the original email congratulating someone on a good deed or action, or the funny joke that is sent out…but the stream of 50 or more replies become an enormous waste of time.
  3. Patent Trolls: Intellectual Property is something that should be protected.  It is valuable and for those that come up with the ideas, or produce the original product that the IP was part of…this should be protected at all costs…but technology moves at such a rapid pace…is it really needed to have an ongoing battle over who came up with the “two finger pinch” or the “external device for X-Y Positioning for a Display System”.  I look to the recent sale of Motorola to Lenovo by Google…the company was sold but the Patents were retained…how can you separate the two???
  4. Social Media: I love the fact that I can reach thousands of people with the simple push of a button, and I am guilty of broadcasting more than opening up a conversation via Social Media but when it comes to companies and people that view Social Media as a cheaper way of Advertising…well then that becomes more than a bit frustrating!
  5. Locked Down Hardware: It doesn’t matter what kind of device that I purchase, I should have the option to upgrade, alter and expand when I want to and not be held hostage by the manufacturer or worse the carrier as to when I can get new software or upgrade components.  Case in Point…my Acer Chromebook is locked to just the ChromeOS (well not totally but that is for a different day) or my LG Nexus 4 that has no expandable Storage, or every Apple Product ever developed!!!).
  6. Change for the Sake of Change: Sure, progress stands still for no man…but what I don’t understand is why companies like LG, Motorola, Samsung and all the rest develop products that are actually “obsolete” by the time they hit the market and within days or weeks, a newer, better more powerful version of their device hits the market for the same price and there is just no recourse or refund available.  Here is a novel idea…do a hardware refresh every 6 months or 1 year…that way we are not banging our heads against the wall wishing we waited to renew our contract with our Cellular Provider!!!

Ok…so there are only 6 that I can think of right now.  Share your Tech Pet Peeves either in the comments here, or in my Social Media venues.



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