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Office Just got Personal!

Like it or hate it Microsoft Office has been the defacto king of the hill when it comes to business productivity apps since the mid to late 90s when they pushed its way past WordPerfect of Document Editing and Lotus 123 for the world of Spreadsheets.  The competitors are now all but gone, with IBM having rebranded and reformated the concept of Office Productivity before finally all but moving on (although I must say the Symphony version of OpenOffice was really good) and WordPerfect well what can we say about the little Canadian Company that tried but failed miserably…it still exists but I am just not sure if there is any relevance out there anymore.


The latest version of Microsoft Office though is brilliant and now with the Microsoft Office Personal Edition by using the perpetual licensing of the Office 365 product.  For just $70 per year you get the full weight of Office Productivity where and when you need it.  Or for $7 per month if you fear commitment (like many of us do) you can have access to your docs and your working world regardless of the device by using the world of SkyDrive and opening up and editing your docs on iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops or even your ancient Desktop Computer!

What do you get for this $7 per month?  I was intrigued by the price drop as the Home Premium version for just $3 more per month would give me 5 devices connecting…so looking at the product spec sheet:


If it is just you…the $70 per year is a solid fit…but for $99 if you have more than one computer in your house…definitely go for the Home Plan.

Both editions give you full access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and OneNote.  The only thing you don’t get with the home Plans is Access to the world of SharePoint which after the experience that I had with SharePoint at my last job…you are really not missing out on anything.

I have used the web version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to both create and to edit and there is very little difference between the Web version and the fully installed version so full Office Editing on your iPad is really now a reality…will I shed my Desktop…not likely but having the power to use Office on my Chromebook…anywhere with an Internet Connection…I could go for that in a big way.



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