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One Life is Enough for Me!

I had a rather tough day yesterday as I sat in a hospital room with my Mother, Aunt and Daughter for the better part of 6 hours while Doctors, Nurses and Specialists paraded in around us explaining the most important thing that will happen in my Mother’s Life…well EVER.  You see, 5 years ago she fought Cancer and we all thought that she had won…even the Doctors were planning a party for her (the Doctor even told my mom “you bring the Ice Cream and we will bring the Cake”) but then as if this past year was not enough of a challenge…it came back…in nearly the exact same place as it was 5 years ago!


I have had a lot of challenges in my life, and this past year has forced me to really look at what is important in my life but yesterday as I sat across from my Mother and looked into her eyes and saw the outright fear in her eyes (for the first time in my life) I knew that I had to make some really fundamental changes in the way that I live my life.  I am not talking about changing my diet or exercising more…those are not fundamental to my existence…I am talking making a real change…one that will ensure that I am not just a single “mouth breather” who “exists”…that is not enough for me.  I realized that just as my own Mother has done many great things and has given me many a life lesson over the years…she was sharing the most important one with me a she was going through so much pain.

I got thinking about my own mortality and how it will affect those who I have interacted with in the past and while I do not have a large collection of close friends…I do have a large network of acquaintances.  I am asking everyone who chooses to read post in its entirety to do one small thing for me…go to the nearest Blood Bank (where ever you are) and donate one single pint of blood, I can’t for medical reasons myself, so I place this call out to all those who have ever known me…it doesn’t take a lot of time…but the lives you could change are incredible.

I have every confidence in the fact that the Doctors will do everything they possibly can for my Mother, there is no doubt about that.  I put my faith in God that I will have my Mother for a long time to come…but all this belief is in stark contrast to the inner demon that I always have to battle with…that nagging little Devil that sits on my shoulder and casts doubt on what I should do next.

I went looking for some solace in realizing my own Mortality Yesterday and I think I found a new guiding principle for myself:

Do you Believe in Immortality?  No, One Life is Enough For Me!  – Albert Einstein

So what will I do with this One Life?

I don’t know but I owe it to my Daughter to be the most I can be of what ever I am.

We each only have one life to live.  This is your one shot to get it right.   Do what you can to leave your mark.  Do more for those who you know and who know you!  Be the best YOU that YOU can be.  That is what will guide me through.

The next month is going to be a tough one for me…I know that I will get through it all but how will I be transformed over the next 30 days?



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