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One week to go until LinuxCon 2011 in Vancouver, BC

The City of Vancouver known for its beautiful vista’s, stellar Olympic Performances, sore losers (look no further than this year’s Stanley Cup Riots) and now the venue for Linux’s 20th Anniversary Celebration!

I am jealous of all that are able to go to the conference as the line up of Key Note Speakers and Events looks absolutely amazing but alas, I will be on the outside looking in again this year.  If you have been kept in the dark, did not know that this was happening or are curious about what happens at an International Gathering of Linux Geeks, look no further than the Conference Sponsor the Linux Foundation!


Some of the note worthy activities happening this year at the Vancouver Hyatt Regency:


With more than 100 separate events in 5 locations at the Hyatt Regency it is a encouraging to see such great sponsorship of the Penguin and all its derivatives.  There will even be a Student Day dedicated to the next generation of Geeks that focus’s on introducing and extending the reach of Linux into the youth of the world!


As always there will be some great core training available at the event.  These full day training classes include:


While I will not be there in person, I will be there in spirit and I will be soaking away a few pennies each week to be able to partake in the joy’s of LinuxCon 2012!  Despite this being a very special event marking the 20th Anniversary of Linux I feel that as the ecosystem further matures and there finally is a tipping point of Open Source in the North American Market…next year’s event will eclipse the celebration in Vancouver.


I would like to pay tribute to Linus Torvald’s historic statement on the comp.os.minix News group back on August 25, 1991:


I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.


Who would have thought that that innocent statement 20 years ago would lead to the vibrant community that we see today.


I leave you with the Linux Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Video that looks to the humble beginnings of Linux:


Linux Foundation 20th Anniversary




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