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OS Sunday – Antergos for everyone?

It has been a long while since I sat down and did a proper evaluation of a Linux Desktop.

I went out to and took a look at the “movers and shakers” and noticed that there was a newer form of Linux that was moving up the charts.  Formerly known as Cinnarch, the Antergos Linux project bills itself “for everyone”…well if it is for everyone it should be for me too right?

The website and the project itself looks to be relatively professional in its layout.  The Community Page appears to be fairly active, with really quick responses to posts for assistance which is good, that is always important.

The options for downloads were pretty straight forward, there is a 64 bit, a 32 bit and a “Testing Branch” available for download.  Each of those options then has 2 versions, a full Live “CD” and then a Minimal version of that same ISO.  I chose to go for the 64 Bit Full Live CD and then spun up a VirtualBox with 4 GB of RAM and 20GB of storage on my trusty MonstaPuter.

The download of the ISO with the provided Torrent Link was quite fast and at 830 MB, the size was reasonable.

Booting to the Live environment was stable and relatively fast and when I went looking for the installer, it was relatively simple to go through.  I chose to use the graphical installer which is a vast improvement to the standard text based versions I have seen in other Arch Linux based distros.  The icon set that comes with Antergos is built by the great group over at numix and I chose to go for the Cinnamon Desktop (considering the project started out as a Cinnamon Based project), but there are 6 optional desktops to choose from, which is a nice option for anyone diving into a Linux Distro.

The installation took a reasonable 15 minutes and was most impressed with the integration with Google Web Fonts by default as well as the nice layout for the installation “preview screens”.

The initial boot was smooth and very reasonable and it was refreshing to see a completely clean and smooth desktop allowing me to customize things as I see fit.

When it comes to what you get with the 830 MB download and the use of the system, well during the installation, I opted to include the LibreOffice files into the installation so out of the box, the Antergos installation is ready to use as a complete system.


  • 7zip
  • HP Device Manager
  • Xfburn


  • Document Viewer
  • Gnome Image Viewer


  • Chromium Browser (Open Source Version of Google Chrome)
  • Empathy (Chat Client)
  • Transmission (Torrent Downloader


  • LibreOffice v (which is the current latest version)

Sound and Video

  • Cheese (webcam utility)
  • Totem Video Player
  • xNoise Music Player

Using the included PacMan (Package Manager), I was able to locate quite easily the other software that I would typically consider to be essential to a build for myself.

Overall, the Antergos LInux install and initial usage was both pleasant and easy to leap into.  The real question that I have would be, would I be able to get past the ease of use of my oh so familiar Ubuntu Linux to make this work for myself.  The simple answer would be yes, the complicated answer would be best left for another post, but if you are looking to get your feet wet with a solid, stable and easy to install/use Linus Operating System, the motto of Antergos would definitely apply as it is built for EVERYONE!




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