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After my many years of desk side and telephone support as a help desk specialist it still amazes me that people just don’t take the time to learn and appreciate the grand gift modern computing is. I love to help and never find myself saying no to a request for assistance but lately…I am thinking it is time to get the t-shirt that says…”No I won’t fix your computer!”

Diagnosing root causes and giving preventative computing medicine falls on deaf ears all too often. Windows 7 despite being a Microsoft product is fairly idiot proof as long as you don’t start dumping files all over the root directory or “accidentally” install questionable software from unknown banking institutions.

In the span of just one week I have found myself in the bowls of my office dungeon not playing video games, blogging or even researching and reading…no I have been slogging through error screens, reformatting drives and well generally having my frustration level hit all time highs!

I write this blog to connect with IT professionals around the world, and I feel confident when I say…all computer users in the world should have to get a Class I license before they are allowed to connect any device to the Internet! I know that I have fried more than one device in my lifetime by exceeding my own capabilities but I have only once needed to take my mistake to someone else to repair my screwup.

In a perfect world everyone would suck it up, read a book and have an epiphany that going Mac or Linux is just the right thing to do. You can’t dump folders called Boot into the Root Directory, you can’t install things outside of the OS directed path and even though there is a variable learn inning curve ranging from elegant and simple to complex and WTF…just get off the Windows train already!

That being said and my little Rant is now complete. I need to congratulate my Brother and Sister-Inlaw in the birth of their first child…an 8lbs baby boy named Lincoln Michael. Krispy is an Uncle again…yeah!

Have a great day everyone and cheers.

Chris J Powell

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  1. Congratulations on being an Uncle!

    You’re not the first to wish there was a required computer licence and you won’t be the last. I think basic computer security and online safety should be a mandatory grade-school course that continues to be mandatory credit alongside English throughout high school.

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