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Ready, Fire, Aim???

The thing that I like best about my daily posts and the thought process that goes around sitting down each morning and coming up with something insightful to write is the mental preparation that I go through at 6:00 AM.

Am I the best Sales Person in the world, far from it but I know that the process of mental preparation is key to successfully reaching and connecting with a client.  I consider each point of contact a key part of my day.  I work with IT Professionals and if they are willing to invest even 15 minutes with me then they deserve my ability and my passion for what I do to come through to them.

The statement of Ready, Fire, Aim really is about the 80/20 rule.  Every sales training book, manual and podcast that I have ever dived into has stated that 80 % of the revenue comes from 20% of the staff.  Do I fit into this category?  I would like to think so.

I even find that some of my clients are pulled in so many directions that when they start a project (Software Implementation, Help Desk Reform, Hardware Roll Out) there is a general lack of preparation.  Studies have shown that lack of forethought and a keen understanding of both the Requirements of the Project and IT Resource Demand Allocation are key to ensuring that the project comes in on time and on budget.

So as a Tech Sales Guy what do I do to set myself apart?  I take the time to read through my company’s product which is IT Research.  I participate with my clients on their Advisory Calls to ensure that I can continue to support their needs and I know as much as I possibly can about their business before I make even one dial!

If you are in Technical Sales and are visiting this site…make the investment, know your SH*T and know your Customer.

In the spirit of knowing your customer and leveraging connections of the Social Web…I had an interesting conversation via email with a former client of mine.  There had been radical changes in the leadership at the organization a couple of years ago and because of my occasional contact with him he pointed me in the direction of a Technical Liason for the organization.  I did some fact checking and found some great insights and information that lead to a great conversation with the person so make sure that you….

READY, AIM, FIRE today.  Take some time as either a Sales Professional or an IT Professional and do a quick gut check.  How proactive are you?  How well prepared are you?  Go get ’em and most importantly…have a little fun while doing it.

Cheers and welcome to the work week.


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