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With its History firmly rooted in Linux the Android Operating System is a marvel to look at and use and while some may say it is just not as intuitive as the iOS that powers the iPhone and iPad I would have to disagree.

At 10 PM I decided that I would take the plunge and do a full Root of my Motorola Milestone (it was really starting to tick me off so if I bricked it…I would have an excuse for a new phone).  In hind sight I should have started the process earlier but when I had done a base upgrade to Froyo several months ago it was not that difficult…why do I keep forgetting that Technology and a Tired Krispy DO NOT MIX!

Now I must make one caveat, while the look and feel of my “new” phone is of the new 2.3 it is not completely true as it is still running a 2.2 Kernel but so far I am impressed with the new interface of CyanogenMod 7.  Stability wise this is a Release Candidate so there will inevitably be glitches but so far no big problem.  There is a solid YouTube Video on the process (I didn’t have the patience to watch it last night but I should have!).

What I like is that there are hundreds of new tweaks that I can do under the hood.  This is one of the biggest reasons that I love Linux so much as I am able to truly make the interface mine and I do now have to live with what came from the box.

At first glance the biggest changes I have seen so far:

Minimal Bloatware Apps – I choose what is installed
Over Clocking Options – More Power Mr. Scott!!!
ADW Desktop…I liked this for some time but will likely install another variant
Dock Options…???? not sure but will play with it

Now the Install Process was fairly simple, I used two tutorials to do the upgrade and feel like I should give some props to the authors:

Craig Crawford @ Android @ MoDaCo – for the Rooting Instructions and links to the various downloads
Fahad Abdullah @ Addictive Tips for the CyanogenMod Install Tips and downloads 

A couple of warnings here though:
1) Flashing any device with an unsupported firmware and OS Upgrade is not for the faint of heart, bricking the device is entirely possible (I thought a couple of times it had happened during the process)
2) If you decide to take the leap…read the entire walk through before starting…can prevent numerous restarts and reinstalls during the process (I had to do 3 complete installs because I failed to add some key functions to the Update setup of the SD Card Update…silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids).  Biggest problem was I forgot to add the “Radio” functions from the install but a quick jump to the forums and all fixed.
 3) Patience…it does not fix everything immediately but if you have embraced the little Green Robot because you stand for CHANGE and you like to tinker with gadgets then this is a great project.  For your next one of the hundreds of flavors of Linux may be right up your alley for your Desktop or Laptop…for that I can definitely help you with!!!

Cheers and have a great day

Chris J Powell

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