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The Se7en Day Layover

Today will be my last post for a week.  As it turns out the best laid plans of mice and men do not always allow for a smooth transition but I am ok with it.  My new home (moving out into the world Solo) on Sunday and I still have a ton of things to do so I am going to take tomorrow and Sunday off from my morning cathartic outlet and get everything ready for moving day.  I will be without the Interwebz (well not totally I will still have my phone) for a week and I am going to take this little break to focus in on a solid posting schedule and rebuild my other homes on the Interwebz as I am no longer a Sales Guy.

What is truly interesting is that during this week without broadband connectivity to the outside world I will have the opportunity to really dive into things beyond Facebook Posts, Blogs and Online Games.  I will be able to reconnect with me and my daughter (while she is over for her time with Dad).

No more 3 screens while watching TV but I have taken advantage of my final days here by downloading lots of things to do, watch and to rebuild. The overall plan for the rebirth of Krispy into what I am going to look at as the Krispy Redux is well nothing short of a complete transformation.

I have some plans of what I want to do with my life in the short term…and some Goals that I want to achieve so it is time that I set forth the actions that will help me make them happen. Too all my friends who give me the time of day by coming over and reading these meanderings, musing and at time outright rants…well expect a lot more of that when I return in just one week. I have been working hard already on a redesign of Krispy’s Bytes and while it will remain a Word Press site for now…I am not 100% convinced that it should remain that way but I am building a whole new theme that will tie in nicely with the refocus of

The big difference between the two sites will be that when it comes to Chris J Powell…I don’t really know who I am anymore as my identity has so radically changed in the last 6 months so the site will become a personal exploration of my new life…I will share my experiences, adventures and at times deranged thoughts and projects that I will be working on in the coming weeks and months.

I want Krispy’s Bytes to be more focused on the Tech that drives my life so completely.  The Posts will likely be shorter (goal is to keep them all under 500 words) and make everything “Byte Sized”.  This will likely mean that moving forward I will be increasing my posting schedule and I hope to get up to 20 Posts per week with the OS Sunday being the weekly feature that has an ongoing comparison scale that I will build into the design and function. While I am on forced internet hiatus…please shoot me a line about anything you would like to see here at Krispy’s Bytes.



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