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Self Improvement…Day by Day

So this is day 3 on the blogging trail and I am now realizing that it takes some discipline to get up in the morning and post something that is insightful and ties into the title of this blog so I am going to do a bit of a rant.

A former Sales Administrator at my work Info-Tech Research Group had coined a phrase for Wednesday’s that was not only about the words as much as his tone “It’s Hump Day…One Day Closer to the Weekend!”  For me that is what is so wrong about the environment that I work in as the majority of my colleagues see work as 8-5PM and I just can not turn off that way.

My work day really does start at 6 AM and rarely ends before 8 PM even though I leave the office at 5PM.  Whether I am reading a book, trolling the internet or diving into one of the 14 tech magazines that I subscribe to I try to stay ahead of the trends so that I can identify what is going to be the next big thing and draw that out from my clients present and future.

I use an example that came about after our Research Team held an amazing Research Fair a couple of weeks ago to lay out their upcoming Research to the rest of the organization.  I got an email that the small team were looking to start scheduling interviews on a topic that we had never covered with written content but because I have a different way of talking to my clients I knew that I could get the interviews for them.

10 minutes after the email went out (despite feeling like death warmed over) I had secured the team the connections they needed for a quick win and starting down the path of some great war stories to include in their research.

As a Sales Professional my day can not end at 5PM because tomorrow I will be asked that question that I need to answer and put that person in front of the right expert.  The product I sell is constantly evolving so I must stay one step ahead of it.

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